Monday, January 14, 2008

New Meds and Stuff... (TMI alert)

I lost my mojo. It's the Zoloft. My doc has been trying since last April to get me to try Wellbutrin but, I've been reluctant. I'm so wary of side effects. All she had to say was the words "jittery" and "agitation" and I figured sex was overrated. Well, not completely but, you get my drift. I'm not interested in feeling any of those things because I already do. I take medication for anxiety and am trying to wean off of it and it's a huge horrible ordeal.

Well, turns out, I need more than hugs from the hubs (and so does he) and the Zoloft wasn't getting the entire job done. The anti-depression job, I mean.

My sweet Kate has been telling me about it and made me feel better (and supported) plus, I figured since I already feel like dog poo, what the hell? So, on Friday, I took the Wellbutrin (the W). I take it in the AM and the Zoloft in the PM. So far, so good. The W does not make me jittery but, a little hyper. I'm hoping that when i feel better, this will be a great thing! I was a little emotional and irritable on Friday but, who knows if that was the W or just me?

I need a haircut so bad but, I don't know what to do with it. I want to cut it a lot but I don't think it'll work. The curls, the fat face, etc. I have to have lots of layers and I must wear it curly or wavy. It looks silly straight. Trust me. Plus, I am not doing the whole 2 hour hair straightening, blow dry, flat iron thing. I know me, I'm not doing it.

What should I do? Hmmmm? Any ideas?

Do you have an exercise regime? Tell me about it. How did you start? How did you start from very-very-out-of-shape to exercising regularly. HELP! I need to start. I'm very motivated because we are going on a FABULOUS vacation in May. I'll tell you all about it soon. It's gorgeous, tropical, dreamy...

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