Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blast From the Past

This was going to be a "Question of the Day" but, I wanted to expand on it. I went to high school at a school where I knew no one. This school is a K-12 school. It even has daycare so, one could potentially go there from infancy to 18 years old. I did not. I went to a Catholic School from grades K-8 then, when all my friends went to other Catholic schools or the local public schools, I chose my school.

This is the school where I met Sarah. Hi Sarah! ::Waving:: Here's the thing, I left school at the very beginning of my senior year on my doctor's orders. I got sick with mono my sophomore year. More specifically, I was diagnosed on my sixteenth birthday (January 17, 1997). I was very sick with it for a long time. It compromised my immune system and messed it up for forever. I ended up in the hospital for a week in April.

I began getting horribly debilitating migraines with aura in November of my Junior year. I had all of the types of auras- visual, sensory, even going out of my mind. I was rarely in school and the stress of it all was a lot for me and my parents. Some of my teachers and some of my peers were not helpful or understanding and that was also a problem. I ended up studying from home through LSU correspondence courses and getting a GED.

I got my diploma from my local public school and it was in the year that I would've graduated anyway- 1999. When I left school I had a 3.5 average. I took my ACTs (we don't do SATs in LA) in 7th grade and in 11th. In 11th I scored an overall 29 (a 31 in English which is one of my biggest accomplishments!!!) and even still, I had a huge complex about the GED. Eventually, I got over it.

I tell people I graduated in '99 because I did. I tell people I graduated from the school I went to when asked because it's the school I went to and it's easier than telling my entire life story. I never attended the school on my diploma so, that would be silly.

Lindsey and I were talking about high-school reunions the other night. I graduated a year ago next year. Lindsey graduated the year after me but, a friend of ours has her 10 year this year. Here's the thing- I (probably) won't even have a reunion. I didn't graduate from my school. It's 100% fine with me because I would not go. The only people I care to see or know are Sarah (and I know her and what she's up to) and my other friend from there, Leslie. I miss her. I don't know where she is but, she took my leaving hard. I was not sensitive about it with her and she was hurt. We have communicated in 10 years but, not in a while.

Lindsey feels the same way. No interest in seeing those people again. Nothing in common with them and no desire to spend a fake evening with them. But, the husbands- different story! Lindsey's husband is a little older than she is and his school had an entire weekend of events planned. They went to everything! He dragged her around to everything and showed her everything.

Luke graduated from a very, very small school that also went from K-12. He was Mr. Popular, played every sport, was on the State Champion football team 2 years, partyed ever weekend (and some weeknights)... You know. He will want to go. He is still really good friends with "the boys." YAY ::insert sarcasm::

My question-

Have you been to a high school reunion? Will you go? Why?

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