Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Am A Big Damn Deal

This totally proves it- I've got people who want to be in my Entourage (yes, my Entourage is capitalized). So, when I'm a big famous writer, I'm ahead of the game. Right now, you gorgeous, fabulous women are just the greatest EVAH!

Agreed to be in Entourage: (so far....)

1) WendyB- jewelry designer (Oh, the gorgeousness- my fav is the Cleopatra neclace and earrings. I'd LOVE to have the money for her to design something (shoe-y) just for me), history buff (Henry the 8th's wives- I learned so much!) and fish shoe lover!

2)Kate- high school English teacher, choir singer, funny gal, dress lover, runner (my hero!!), and a great personal friend

3)Kelli- a fellow tv watcher, a mommy of CUTIE cute babies, has blue in her hair, wants to be on Big Brother, The Amazing Race, or Don't Forget the Lyrics! Is also a personal friend. I know she can handle talking to me on the phone!! Makes me laugh ;)

4)G.G.- A very, very chic lady, author/creator of one of my favorite sites,has fabulous taste,I've heard that she's "drop-dead gorgeous", she linked to The Buzz this week

5) Lindsay AKA "A" (because of my bf Lindsey that lives here)- the definition of lovely, a wonderful personal friend, an aunt with adorable nieces, is going to run a marathon, is very emotionally strong and has a beautiful spirit

6)Andie- a fellow south Louisiana girl, Tiger fan, red head, has a great smile and is a great photographer, has lots in common with me, loves Target and wants her own Entourage!! We can be in each others.

Ya'll are so sweet and really awesome! To G.G.- to be in my Entourage, you just say you wanna be in it!! Sooooo, you are. I can't even believe it. Ya'll I'm so flattered...

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