Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Weekend Plans

Christmas weekend is what I'm calling it because just looking forward to Christmas is ridiculous! Christmas is just one day for goodness sakes and we have plans of Christmas joy on a few days other than just Christmas Day. I'm sure everyone else does, too. This way, all the build-up is not for the one day but, the weekend. Especially if you have family or friends coming in town or you are going out.

We are not going to Georgia. We have only spent one married Christmas in Georgia. I have a hard time with it and it's not important enough to Blue that we go so, we don't. I'm sure that when we have a baby things (may) will change but, until then... His parents are planning to come here in February. He just saw them on his way back from Florida, too. They sent us our presents and we got them last night. I got some Sterling Silver jewelry and a fleece from Old Navy. Luke got a deep fryer and a UGA cooler.

So, the plans. Tonight we are going to mom and dad's for supper. They have not been home for awhile so, it's just a get together. It'll just be "us"- I think. (Us= mom, dad, Luke, Justin, Gus, and me). Bowl games are on, DVRs are full, maybe presents to open (?) Lots to talk about. Attire- jeans, cahz

Saturday- Luke is going to a party, Lin is coming to help me wrap presents.

Sunday- Christmas with the "H" side of the family. This is my daddy's side. We will go to my Nanny's house (she is my dad's sister). LOTS of people. Nanny has 3 children: Robby (married to Cathleen; daughter Arlee, 3, newly pregnant), Jennifer (married to Clint; sons Hunter 6, Mason 3, pregnant with baby boy #3), & Cody (engaged to Carrie). Everyone will be there except Cody & Carrie. We only give gifts to the children. Or try to, at least. My Nanny is resistant. Attire- I will wear maybe dark denim and a tunic/flowy blouse, red patent flats or black suede wedges. It depends on the weather. It's hot today! Luke will wear khaki pants and a polo style pullover.

Monday- Christmas Eve evening has been with the "M" side of the family since before I was born. It's always at my grandparents' house. In attendance- "Us", mamaw, papa, Keith, Susan, Maria, Madison, McKenzie and Daniel. We only buy gifts for the children (fun!) Our family adopts other families to buy presents, clothes, food, etc for and it's so much fun! We eat turkey, brisket (sometimes), ham, sweet potato crunch, rice dressing, cornbread dressing, and who knows what else? Attire- Dressier- I'll wear grey trousers (cuffed) and a pretty red top. Luke will wear slacks and a button-down shirt.

Tuesday- Christmas Day at mom and dad's. This is new. We usually do Christmas Day with the "H" family, one year at mom and dad's, the next year at Nanny's. This year, we are doing that early so, Christmas Day at the manse! No clue what we'll do- watch football, eat, open our presents to each other... That night, we'll play LCR with our family friends. Attire- jeans or jean skirt?

I'm so excited. I have no idea if I'm going to make anything or not. Lindsey makes Oreo balls and since Luke and I love Oreos maybe I'll make those.

I'm sure I'll still be posting because I like it and things don't seem like they'll be too crazy. What are your plans for Christmas weekend?

Merry Christmas from Shoeaddict!

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