Friday, December 7, 2007

The Buzz

Hey, ya'll! I'm not doing all that well with the celeb news, right? I know, I know!! Sorry. Who heard Barbara Walter's list of most fascinating people of 2007? J.K Rowling was the number 1 "most fascinating" according to the list. Others on the list included: Justin Timberlake, Victoria & David Beckham, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Hudson, Bill Clinton, and MySpace creators Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe. I have to disagree on, ummmmm, most of the list (all?) but, yeah, whatever. What do you think?

I got a lovely treat today! I got to talk on the phone with another bloggy friend!! I don't know if she wants me to say who she is and all that because she's private now so, know that I LOVED it and HER! XOXO to you ;) I love making new friends. Although she already has been considered my friend (in my mind) for a looooong time. Blogging has been such a great thing for me. More than words can ever say.

Like, for example, Isabelle told me last night that she reads my blog and so do her friends (or they have). She told me I was BRILLIANT- now, maybe it was a "lost in translation" moment but, lemme tell you, I was floored. I am grateful for the people who read the Diary (THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!) and I try very hard to be me and give you what you (say) want. BUT, brilliant? WHAT?? I just... Maybe I shouldn't even be saying this. Oh, well.

Who's ready for some BUZZ? Mischa Barton with weird hair and shoes
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony- I think it's so cheesy that in every picture of a man and his pregnant wife/girlfriend/whatever, he has his hand on her belly. See below for more... Anyway, J Lo apparently went and bought both pink and blue onesies. Is she having twins or just throwing off everyone?
Emma Watson did a photo shoot for InStyle Magazine and this is just one of the beautiful pictures from the shoot. I loved them. There were also ones in color. She's beautiful, very classic and elegant.
I love Joaquin Phoenix. That's it.
Solange Knowles at PEOPLE Magazine's Grammy Kickoff Party. No! No! No! The dress, the tights, the shoes and all together- really NOOOOOO.
Another man touches woman's belly picture. This one is so awkward, too. Nicole and Joel started the Richie Madden Children's Foundation in Los Angeles. At the first even they handed out over $200,000 worth of baby goods to 100 expectant mothers.

Lindsey loves Tyra Banks. I like her. Sometimes she gets on my nerves. I think this dress is pretty. The bracelet is BANGIN!

OK, Keira Knightly has no boobs yet she continues to show them off. Her bare chest, rather. Here she is at the L.A. premier of Atonement. She also showed off her new bangs. I cannot "do" bangs like this unless I'm willing to do work and I'm not. I have very curly hair and I'm not straightening. I like the bangs, though.

I have always loved Miss Brittany Snow since American Dreams. Remember that show? I loved it. Here she is at the PEOPLE Magazine Grammy party. Love the look.
Emmy Rossum at the same event looking great, except for her knees! Look how ashy they are!! I really like that dress, though.
Ha! I know, random. This is Dr House. Do you like his jacket? Would you buy it? For almost $600?
How adorable! It's Miss Ever Gabo, Milla Jovovich's baby girl.

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn kissing! I like them. Too bad this is on the set of their new Christmas movie (out next year). Don't you think they are cute?

Rachel Ray and her husband are always fighting off rumors that they are divorcing or that their marriage is in trouble. Here they are trying to prove everyone wrong. How do you think they're doing?
Great cut, Rach!
Elizabeth Hurley in something other than PINK!
Brad Pitt was in New Orleans this week to promote his rebuilding the Ninth Ward project. He was on Larry King but, I didn't see.

Just a little "happy" to end the day! Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley at an L.A. food bank event looking, well, lippy. Right, they have that pouty thing down, for sure.

I'm watching What Not To Wear. This woman- OMG. Ughhhh! I'd love to be a guest host on this show. I might get really, really aggravated though.

Have a Happy Friday Night!

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