Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shoeaddict's Buzz

What's the buzz? I missed yesterday so some things posted here may have happened or been announced then. Something happen yesterday that you wanna discuss (no Lohan and I know all about Britney and the parenting coach- it's just repetitive- she needs to get a grip)- go for it! I feel better today and appreciate all your well wishes. I love you all! News from the fam on vacay in France: all is well and they are back in Paris! They have been at a friend's home in the country and LOVING it. They have been in St. Malo (I think)-which is in the province of Brittany. They have visited Normandy to re-trace my great-grandfather's (my mamaw's father) steps when he was a soldier in WW II. He was given a bronze star. I will show pics soon. The above picture is of my mama and daddy in Mexico in April.
Matthew Mc and girlfriend (rumored fiancee), Camilla Alves, after a sushi dinner on Tuesday. He is hot. She looks young.

Last night, Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was voted off of Dancing with the Stars last night. It was time. He was sweet and dedicated and his pro partner, Kym, is adorable.
I don't know who this baby is but Luke fell in love with him. He's on the WSP website wearing a Conrad the Caterpillar (it's a WSP song) onesie and Luke loved it! I thought y'all would, too.

Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford have been on numerous dates lately... This is the duo Tuesday night after a romantic meal at Italian restaurant "Destino" in Manhattan. I would love some Italian food. Ruffino's, yummmmmmmmmmm
The Amazing Race is premiering November 4th!! On Shoeaddict Says, I will have a list of the cast and such.
Y'all are gonna flip!! Gretchen Mol and husband, Tod Williams, had a baby on September 10th. They named him- wait for it- Ptolemy John. Ptolemy is the name of Greek astronomer and mathematician or something...
Update: Isla Fisher's rep says, "They had a beautiful healthy baby girl. Mother and daughter are doing great." OK! reports that her name is Olive.
Are they or aren't they? Lot's of people think it's all publicity. I hope so because I LOVE her and think she is beautiful and he is not cute. Fashion designer, Rachel Roy, and her husband, label executive (Roc-A-Fella Records) Damon Dash, are expecting their second child in the Spring. They have a daughter Ava, 8, together and Damon has a son, Damon Jr "Boogie", 14, from a previous relationship.
Garcelle Beauviais-Nilon and her husband, Michael Nilon, welcomed twin sons last Thursday. Jax Joseph was born at 8:30 pm and weighed 4 lbs 7 onz and Jaid Thomas was born at 8:31 pm and weighed 4 lbs 9onz. The boys were about 5 weeks early but it seems as if they are fine. I like the name Jax. I can't wait for the pictures!!
Fires continue to burn and destroy, forcing California residents to evacuate their homes in the worst fires in four years. In the past three days, the fires have tormented the San Diego area in the south and mountain communities in the north. They have caused the largest evacuation in California history, including 60,000 homes and half a million people. My prayers are with these residents.
Jessica Simpson will co-host The View on November 15 & 16. Elisabeth Hasselback is on maternity leave. That'll be interesting because Joy is SO rude you know she cannot wait to tear her up.
I know, I know, I post lots of pictures of them but I LOVE them!! Gwen is shopping is Soho with Kingston. He is the cutest. LOVE!! Gwen's pants are fonk.
See ya!

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