Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Good Day

Today was a good day. Remember that song? Anyway, I woke up and felt pretty good so I got dressed and went to visit Lindsey and Muffin. I was starving so I figured I would get Muffin and bring him for ice cream. They were at Lindsey's mom's house which is down the road from my house. We had fun! He's so cute. He loves to ride in the car. He loves to sing and dance to music on the radio. He loves school buses and big trucks. He loves ME. I'm just saying.

I love him, too. He makes me so happy and I feel so loved. Plus, seeing the world through his eyes is so sweet, innocent, and beautiful. It's a privilege to a part of his life and I thank Linds for that privilege all the time (Thank you, Lindsey!). Really, this child is awesome. He's happy and loving. He is curious, smart and loves to see and learn new things. He also is very polite and so sweet. He is also the CUTEST boy.

Anyway, Lindsey and I talked for awhile and then I had to go to the office. I needed to get something from mom. On the way, I called my stylist Lori to see if she could (by any miracle) fit me in to slap some color on my hair and cut my hair or one or the other. I need something! I felt good and who knows if it will continue and making an appointment hasn't been working so, I called. They know me very well there and took pity on me.

I got a color and cut and I'm thrilled! I don't have a digital camera, all I have is my celly so, you'll have to wait until I get someone to take a picture. I colored it a medium auburn color. I've had it this color MANY times before and it's very close to natural. I got some choppy, angular layers and bangs!! I wear my hair curly. I've been through the round brush, straightening iron blah, blah, blah, blah... I just know that I'm not gonna do all of that (it takes about an hour or LONGER to do all of that) and my hair doesn't look as good straight. In fact, some people (Luke, Lindsey, mom & dad) HATE it straight. HATE. It's much better (and easier) curly. You'll see it later.

I left there and stopped at the grocery to pick up a few things so I wouldn't starve. I need to go "big" grocery shopping like my dad and I call it but, I didn't have it in me by then. We have NO FOOD so if I didn't at least pick up some bread, meat, chicken, salad- we'd starve to death. I approached the deli and saw the manager yelling at a girl behind the counter! He was telling her, "We don't pay you to sit in the bathroom and talk on the cell phone!" I agree with him completely, of course. I just think it's inappropriate to yell at an employee in front of customers- in the middle of the store! I felt bad for her. *Sigh*

I'm watching and DVR'ing Beauty and the Geek, House, Law & Order: SVU, CANE(!!!!), & Queer Eye tonight. I'll let y'all know if I blog about it on SHOEADDICT SAYS.


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