Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shoeaddict Asks...

If you were given the oppertunity to name a child right now, what name would you give her? What name would you give him?(Edited to Add: tell me names you love that don't go with your last name or that your spouse hates & you love, AND the ones that you agree on...)
OK, most of you know about my Isabella Rhea. Other girl names I love are: Amelia,Corinne, Julianna, Anna, Audrey, Kate, Evelyn, Vivienne. (I love Anna Kate)
For boys: Holden Michael (our 1st boys' tentative name) other names I love are:
Carson, Jonah, Lukas, Asher, Phillip, Thomas, Brett, Tristan (but, I can't use it), Ryder, Hudson
(if and when I think of more I will come back and post them)

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