Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Remember the story about me going to see Dr B, the endocrinologist? He tested me for Cushing's Syndrome and I'm not really sure what else- mom, feel free to remind me. His nurse/assistant called today to tell me that everything came back normal. I'm glad that, for now, the endocrine side of everything seems under control. He took me off one medication and increased the dosage of two others.

I made an appointment for the MRI. I immediately found out that I need to change it, though. Dr R, the neurologist, has a great nurse and she will be so easy to work with. She told me that Dr R has ordered an MRI of my brain and spine. The appointment is for October 1st but, my parents and grandparents and brother are all going out of town. My papa is getting an award, a big fancy-schmancy, we-are-so-excited-and-proud-award so they are all going. They (everyone that is going) are all "in the business" and that's why they can go to the banquet. Anyway, I need an appointment for later in the week.

My headaches have been really bad lately. The migraine med that I take, Relpax, does work, eventually. I have a backup.... Dilauded but, I use it in extreme emergencies. There are several for this: 1)I know that I have a high chance of becoming addicted to this type of drug and I just don't want that. My paternal grandmother died addicted to pain meds and I don't want that. Addiction runs in my family and I just don't need anymore trouble. 2) When I take the Dilauded, I have to take benadryl and phenergan, too because it makes me VERY, VERY itchy and nauseated. The itching is the worse. If I take the Dilauded, it's a bad headache.

I've had such a hard time with memory, finding words, and following some things lately. The cerebellum controls the muscles and movements so, even if there is something on there, I have no idea if it even explains these problems/symptoms. They are probably medicine related but, being on so many medications it's very hard to tell what is doing what. It's very hard, though, to be dizzy and tired and confused. I find myself unable to follow simple plots in books or television shows- at times. I can't always hold a conversation because I can't follow or find the right words. This is NOT an all the time thing, obviously.

Just remember to keep me in your prayers and SEND ME YOUR PRAYER REQUESTS. I need those names and stories of people who need prayer!!

Love to you all! Thank you for your support

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