Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hey, Let Me Tell You...

Thank you for all your well wishes! It's soooo sweet to read things like that. I'm still feeling really yucky. I don't have a migraine anymore (knock on wood, took meds last night and woke up free of it) but, the sneezing and coughing is worse. I have a sore throat now, too. I'll have to try really hard not to scream when I watch the TIGERS tonight.

I finished "Twilight" on Thursday night. I really did like the latter part of the story. I just found the beginning to be, well, ummmmm... kinda boring. I also thought it was sorta obvious that it was written by a first-time novelist. It just took her a little while to find her groove and tell the story smoothly. The action in the second part of the book was great and did cause me to dive right in and lose track of time. **SPOILERS**

I've started "New Moon" and it's OK. La, La, La... Bella is depressed. She is depressed. She is so depressed. She has no life if she cannot be with Edward. WHAT? That's a great lesson. I hope girls that are her age don't read these books. BUT, then again, I want her to become a vampire!! I know the book will get better and I will stick with it. I got the Patti Boyd book in, though, so I will be reading both.

I'm going to do the Fall shoes next week, I promise!! There are some gorgeous shoes out there that I love, love, love and I know you'll find something you'll like, too. I know you'll have an opinion on something!!

I go to see my endocrinologist on Monday at 2:30. I don't know if I'll post before then. I am praying that he can help me. I want him to be able to adjust my meds so I will have more Energy, so I will be less dizzy, so I will have more (any) stamina. I am so disgusted with myself. I'm over-weight and I can't exercise. I can't even leave the house sometimes!! I really cannot stand it and need a jump start.

Finally, yesterday, the 7th, was my daddy's birthday. If you know me IRL, you know that I'm the definition of a DADDY'S GIRL. My dad is the sweetest, most giving, cutest, cheesiest, strongest, most loving, BEST dad in the universe. I love him more than words can ever, ever, ever say. Most people do love my dad! Linds, Sarah- right, he's a great guy?? I have to say that when it comes to parents, I hit the JACKPOT!!!

Picture from Aunt Pat's party (sorry it has some one's thumb!) From l-r... My cousin Mary, Daddy, ME, & My cousin Dori

We'd been eating crabs and hanging out outside all day so, we were hot and sweaty!!

Happy Weekend, my loves!


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