Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Couple Things...

-I took a nap and had the weirdest dream. My mom had a blog and didn't tell me. And I was so so so so MAD! I was angry that she'd lied to me. And I was crying and yelling. I was out of control. But, don't worry, I have crazy dreams all the time. Very vivid, real dreams that are sometimes really good and some really not. Some are so incredible I don't want to wake up. This one was just nonsense.

-I'm starving and I don't know what I want. I hate that. I don't want to start cooking. Luke's asleep (we are kinda stuffy and sneezy over here) and I'm not going to start anything mayjah (a little nod to Lin). But, I don't want just a bowl of cereal. I don't know.

-Teach your children phone etiquette or don't let them "play" with the phone. If that pisses you off or offends you, I'm sorry. This is my blog and if you read it regularly, you know how much I LOVE kids. But, I am not a fan of parents who allow their children to just run around and act like idiots. *Yes, there is a reason I'm saying this.* I'm minding MY own business in MY own house. MY cell phone rings. I pick it up and say, "Hello" and a kid (not over 5, I'm sure, and hope) says "Heeellllloooooo? Heeelllllooooo?" So, as I am sure it's not Daniel, he's very "grown-up" and all "How are you today?" on the phone, I say "Hello" one more time and don't hear anything so I hang up and am annoyed. Then, the phone rings again. MY phone. "Hello" and the little boy says, "Who this is?" Now, I cannot stand grammar like this but, yes I understand that he's a little kid (even though people must be speaking like this in front of him). I also CANNOT stand when someone calls MY phone and asks ME who I am before identifying themselves. Once again, I realize that this is a child but, if you are going to allow your child to use the phone without you even supervising (obviously), teach him etiquette. So after I kept saying, who is this? What's your name? Who are you looking for? And him answering only, "Heeellllloooooo?" And, "Who this is?" He FINALLY says, "Where's maw maw?" I told him there were none here and he had the wrong number. I figured he would keep calling me if I didn't clear it all up. OK, so, please teach your kids manners. And if they are young and using the phone, help them.

-Have you all finished reading your Harry Potter book?

-What to EAT? Shrimp & pasta, the old stand-by, I'm sure.

-I am very upset that I missed Monk last night with my man, SNOOP DOGG, guest starring. I had to pick Luke up at the airport in N BR. He missed his flight in Houston (to Baton Rouge), because his flight from Detroit was late coming into Houston. So, they put him on standby on the 2:20 flight and confirmed him for the 3:10 flight. Well, at 2:20, he calls and said that he did not make the 2:20 and the 3:10 was cancelled. The next flight wasn't until 7. He could drive home and be here by 7 or about (he tells me). While driving, he calls me and tells me that he hopes his luggage is in BR because he packed his keys. WHAT A MORON. Really. Of course the bag wasn't there! Who does that? Do you pack your keys?

-Happy Saturday Night!

"Regret is overrated" Kate Cyrus in Promise Not To Tell by Jennifer McMahon

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