Friday, June 22, 2007

Some People Should Not Be Allowed to Even Have Kids Much Less Name Them

*I got this from a site about very bad baby names. I found it on Kelli's site. Some of it is actual letters people have written and then there are funny comments by the site people (I'm guessing).

There is another section where people send in funny/crazy/dumb names that they've heard. The Red is the comments made by the site person (or whatever). The green me.

Can I just tell you that I was laughing SO hard, out loud, SO hard!

Letters people have sent in:

I used to work with a girl named Kakiya Sharmika (she went by Mikki). Mikki had a daughter who went by Deedee, but her real name was Dezandra Marquesa (a little too close to "disaster" for my taste).Anyway, one day Mikki was filling out a kindergarden application for Deedee, and when she got to the field for middle name, I swear, she actually asked me, "How do you spell 'Marquesa'?" I think in general, it's a good idea to know how to spell a name before you attach it to your child. Reminds me of the time my MIL spelled Louis' name L-E-W-I-S. And then fought with us that she was right!!

When my son was born January 2003 at Rush Presbytarian St. Lukes Hospital in Chicago, there were twins named Thunder and Lightning.

My {acquiaintance's} granddaughter's name is Surrender... as in "surrender to the Lord." Supposedly Surrender is the name of a great, great grandmother who was actually Surrender Lee... and yep, you guessed it, born around the time of Robert E. Lee's surrender.

An {acquaintance} of mine gave her daughter up for adoption, but not before saddling her with this ill-spelled moniker: Brie'Yonna. It's got everything... awful spelling of a normal name, a Y, mid-name capitalization, and an apostrophe. Not to mention that the mother had no idea that brie is a cheese. People LOVE to do this- throw in a "y" and we'll make it look special. No, it makes it look illiterate.

My kindergarten teacher was named Velveethra.

The title above this read "Japenese Monster or Urinary Infection". That made it much funnier.


What about Bubba for a boy. a great unusual name
Since when did your Ozark shack get Internt access? Or electricity, for that matter?

what about Jackie-O for a girl or Sinead?
Tough call. It all hinges on what hairdo you were planning

One of our "requirements" for a name is that the first and middle initials will sound nice together to make a nickname. I grew up as Brandy to some and BJ to others ....quick and easy nickname that kids may not make as much fun of.
For 15 years poor Brandy never understood why everyone snickered after calling her by her nickname. Or why all those football players asked her to the prom. They were so rough in the back of the limo. Guess they thought she was a different kind of girl.

I think it's good to name your baby a name different from anyone else baby, because there is so many people who have the same name your baby have or it's very difficult. Also, it's hard to name your baby a different name, because when you think that no-one have that name there will be someone who have the same name your baby have when think you have named your baby different. so, you really can't think of any name that's different from anyone unless it's something made up.
I really, really hope English is this person's second or third language, and if she were writing in Albanian or Forsi or whatever she would be so eloquent you'd weep. I laughed so hard at this one.

My to-be husband has a thing for "unique" names. He likes names such as "Veto" and "Enobi". I like what I call "cool" names. Then names such as "Kiki" and "Jack". We were having dissagrements with baby names till I smacked him upside the head and phrohibid him from naming my children.
Well, I phrohibid you from having kids at all.
Although, it is nice to know who originated the slang use of "cool"- it's this lady. (They're what I like to call --big finger quotes--COOL names.")And now we know she's prone to violence against her fiance for wanting to name kids Veto so they can star in Schoolhouse Rock segments about the three branches of government!
Help me Kobi-Wan Enobi, you're our only hope! God, some kiddies have no chance

What is a nature realated name for a boy? I am pregnant with a boy and I already have four girls. My girls are Summer Skies, Autumn Night, April Shower, and Spring Flower. Please help I am due in November. Star Light
Star Light- Star light, star bright, first star i see tonight. I wish i may, I wish I might, let this lady be a mental patient whose "children" are actually straws she stole from the hospital cafeteria. Laughing so hard it hurts

I love names. I think it's horrible what some people do to their children when naming them. I've got naming babies on the brain because of Lindsey's sister, Hollie. She is pregnant for a boy and we have been talking about possible names. Her husband is a jr and he (and his parents) want to name the baby the III and she doesn't. I've sent her some boy names I like. I have lists of both sexes of names that I love. The boy name list for me to use is very short as Luke HATES everything. He wants to name our son Herschel Walker. After this person. Seriously. We do both like Holden. He is a II (not a jr) but says he doesn't want a III. I like Lukas and he said he does, too. We'll cross that bridge when we get there, I guess.

Also, I've been trying to help Lindsey with a girl name. She has one that they love. I love it, too. But, there is a complicated, possible problem that warrents trying to find another girl name. Lindsey and Luke are so much alike in this category. They hate everything, they hated a person named that, that name sounds like this (not good/positive) word. AHHHHHH!! But, she likes a few other pretty names, finally.

Oh, yeah, and Luke loves the name Sunny or Sunshine for a girl. Yeah.

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