Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Remember How I Hated My Hair?

Well I don't anymore bcause I found this. I LOVE Aveda. Ahhhh. I know, I know, this is the 3rd Aveda product that I'm singing about but, it's really fabulous.
I put it in my hair and scrunched just a little, then let it dry all by itself and OH MY GOD the curls :) Perfection. No little baby curls, no 80s perm curls, no frizzy curls... perfect curls and waves all over.
It looked like I spent time doing something to it, curling irons and the like when I did nothing but put in the one product. Oh and the Elixor Leave-on conditioner that I always use but, they have discontinued it (of course!) I realize that probably none of you will benefit from this post because you probably all have or wear your hair straight but, I'm just so freaking excited!
And I really have to keep telling you guys how fabulous Aveda products are and that you should run out and get something.

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