Monday, June 25, 2007

Lindsey & Brandon

Lindsey & I have been friends for 13 years

picture taken winter 2006

1. How long have you been married? How long have you been together?
Brandon and I have been married for 5 years. We met February 23, 2001. He proposed on September 25, 2001. We were married May 24, 2002.

2. How did you meet?
I met Brandon through my sister. My sister was dating Brandon's best friend, Chris. One night I went out with my sister and Brandon was with Chris. At the time I was NOT looking for a boyfriend. I was 18 and he was 24. I really did not think it would work out. It ended up being an instant connection. (Hint the 7 month courtship)

3. What do you admire the most about your partner?
I admired Brandon for his dedication to everything he did/does. He always puts forth his best effort. We shared the same morals and values, which is very important to me. And of course, I was attracted to him.

4. What do you fight about the most?
The thing we fight about the most is food. I know it is very weird to fight about food. I am a very picky eater and Brandon is the complete opposite. To make it worse, we are never hungry at the same time. Sometimes we eat supper at different times, having two different meals.

5. How has your relationship grown/changed in the years you've been together?
At the beginning, we had to learn each others ways. We did not live together before we got married. I moved from my parents' house to his house. He lived on his own for a while, with college guys. So, we had to adjust to living with the opposite sex. It was rough. Brandon is a HUGE morning person and I am a night person. He likes to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom up; I just squeeze. We had to get seperate toothpaste. We had to change a little for the other person to make it work. Then, of course, a major change is when Cooper was born. You learn a lot about your partner when you have children. After Cooper was born I gained a lot more respect for Brandon. He is a fantastic father. I know we have many more challenges ahead and hopefully we will be one of the lucky ones, still together and madly in love.

***UPDATED- the top picture is the way it was BEFORE poor Cooper was cut out.
Cuter, huh?
don't say anything mean, Lindsey Lea

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