Monday, June 25, 2007

Kelli & Clay

Kelli is a new blogger friend
April 2005

1) How long have you been married? How long have you been together?We've been together since September of 1994, and married since August of 1996.

2) How did you meet?I went to TCU and my roommate had gone to high school with him, although she didn't know him that well. He ended up rooming with one of her good guy friends at another college, and so we met when she dragged me down there to visit her friend.

3) What do you admire the most about your partner?He can go to sleep in less than two minutes no matter what's going on. And stay asleep even when I'm poking him to get up and help me! :)Seriously though, he's very loyal. He doesn't turn his back on a friend, and even in stores he always wants to work with the same salesman if it's commission-based.

4) What do you fight about the most?We don't really fight in the traditional sense. Mostly I get irritated with him over small things but I end up venting to my girlfriends so I don't have to nag him all the time. Then he gets annoyed with me for airing our dirty laundry, so I guess I better not go into any more detail! :)

5) How has your relationship grown/changed in the years(months)/time you've been together?We were teenagers when we met. Things were much simpler then. Our relationship has gone through a few rough patches where we get into a rut and get bored, or don't take time for each other and grow distant. Overall I think we're closer all the time though, but it's harder to keep it that way now that we have two kids and so much going on. It's certainly worth the challenge though!

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