Monday, March 9, 2009

Perfect Day

This weekend was so much fun and productive. Mom and I went shopping all day long on Saturday. I talked awhile ago about needing to buy clothes for showers and weddings and parties this Spring. Well, I found three (or four?) dresses, a dressy capri pant in an awesome color with a jacket and some great tops and pants. I also bought a few pairs of shoes.

One dress that I bought but I don't know which even I'll wear it to:
I got a black shrug thing to wear with it. I love it so much. It'll be great for the beach this May. One of my favorite tops that I got is this one:
I wore it Sunday with new white linen pants to church and a bridal shower. I (maybe) should've saved it to wear for another event. I don't know. I love it though.

I still need some more shoes. I want some colorful, spring shoes to wear with a black dress that I have. I wanted hot pink or grass green. I'll get a matching bag (I have a grass green bag but that one is not the right bag) and some cute colorful jewelry. Where do you go to buy cute jewelry? Just wondering.

I also got a big mirror for over my mantle and two prints for the bedroom at Kirkland's. I have not hung any of it up yet but when I do, I will show you some pictures. I'm excited to finally get some decorations for the house. I know what I like but I'm not good at picking stuff and putting it in place. Things are kind of bare right now.

We had a nice day and then we met FSIL for supper. It was a perfect kind of day.

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