Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Everyone knows that I am not a fan of Barack Obama. I also think that it gets a little worse at times because of the "messiah" thing. I have but ONE Lord, Messiah, Savior and He is Jesus Christ.

However, I am charmed by the sweet-faced, darling Obama daughters. I do fear for them and their safety. I think that they are really precious and I think that they should be protected. I pray for them a lot. I do pray for President Obama, too. I do not agree with almost everything that comes out of his mouth but he is a human being and a father.

I think that we should be able to have a pre-game Super Bowl show without an interview with him. However, I am watching it, the interview. He says that Sasha and Malia are making friends and joining clubs at school. I talked about their first day of school and how that must have been really hard. The president says that his daughters have friends over today. That is just amazing to me. Can you imagine watching the Super Bowl at the White House? As pals of the first daughters? Or as the first daughters?

I am just sitting down for the first time today. I tried to sleep late because I didn't sleep well last night. Blue and I went to my grandparents' house for a little while this afternoon. They have some outdoor furniture that I want so we went to measure it. We ended up staying there for a little while, just visiting. I am always blessed to spend time with them.

When we got home, I went to wash my hair and get re-dressed. I was just wearing something "blah" to their house. After I got all gussied up, I came into the kitchen to begin my party prep. I cleaned the house yesterday but I needed to cook. Blue is grilling cheeseburgers. I also cooked our favorite dip, some chocolate chip and pecan cookies and some oatmeal raisin cookies. I also have some green onion dip.

Blue invited a friend from work to come over. We also invited my little brother and SIL but she cannot come because of homework. He is not feeling well but might make an appearance. We also invited a few of our friends but I'm not sure who is coming. We are prepared though.

I have no real feelings for either team. Blue says that he is going for the Steelers. I don't know why but I'll ask him. I usually root for the opposite team from him if we watch a game where I really don't care about either team. I am going to follow that tradition today because I like the Arizona Cardinals story.

Are you having or attending a Super Bowl party? What will you be eating, making or bringing? Who are you and your household rooting for today?

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