Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Buzz

January Babies!

I have not done celeb (or any other) babies lately. So, I am doing January babies. I also want to discuss baby names and situations. Like, can someone call "dibs" on a name? What do you consider rules in naming? Alls fair?

Tuesday, January 6, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed their second child. The baby, a girl, SERAPHINA ROSE ELIZSBETH, joined sister Violet Ann.

Monday, January 12, Alison Sweeny (Biggest Loser, Days of Our Lives) and husband, Dave Sanov, welcomed their second child. A daughter they named, MEGAN HOPE, joined big brother, Benjamin Edward.

Thursday, January 15, Bear Grylls (Man vs Wild) and wife, Shara, welcomed their third child and son. HUCKLEBERRY EDWARD JOCELYNE joined big brothers, Marmaduke and Jesse. When asked about the interesting name choices, Grylls laughed and said, "Jesse, Duke and Huck! Won't that be great when they are 18?"

Monday, January 19, country singer Jo Dee Messina gave birth to her first child. Messina and husband, Chris Deffenbaugh, welcomed a son, NOAH ROGER.

Monday, January 19, David Eigenberg (Steve on Sex and the City) and wife, Chrysti, welcomed a son. They named the boy, LOUIE STEVEN EIGENBERG.

Thursday, January 22, Lizzie Grubman (publisist and former reality star) and husband, Chris Stern, welcomed their second son. JACK ALEXANDER was born two months before his due date but is said to be doing well. He joins big brother, Harrison "Harry" Irving.

So, let's discuss the names, shall we?
SERAPHINA ROSE ELIZABETH- I don't like Seraphina. I just don't. I like Rose and Elizabeth and I even like two middles names. I like big sister's name, Violet. I don't think I'd use either for a first name though.

MEGAN HOPE- Megan is not my style and seems a little outdated for a 2009 baby. I love the name Hope though.

HUCKLEBERRY EDWARD JOCELYNE- I think that it's a lot. I like the "cool" sentiment behind it and I like Huckleberry better than Marmaduke. Huckleberry is a better middle name. Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Brad Paisley (who I love, both of them) have a son named William Huckleberry. They call him Huck.

NOAH ROGER- Noah is too popular for me. I like the name though.

LOUIE STEVEN- I think that Louie is cute. The name has meaning for Blue and me. I doubt we will use it though. I think that it's funny that his middle name is Steven.

JACK ALEXANDER- I love, love, love the name Jack. I don't know why I just love it but I do. My little brother wants to name his son that. I think that Alexander is a nice middle name. Harrison is GREAT, too. It's on my long list of boy names.

Names that are currently on my radar-
Evalyn/Evelyn nicknamed Evie- Blue likes Evie and I really do too. I like Eva but SIL's mom's name is Eva pronounced Ava. I also like Eve and Evangeline.
Audrey- I HAVE to always so this one because it's my favorite
Vivienne- and this one
Daisy- it's Blue's grandmother's first name but she goes by Ruth- bringing me to
Helena- Hel-lane-ah, right?
Cecilia/Cecelia- Cece- cute! This name has grown on me a lot. A LOT!
Sadie- I LOVE this. Do you think it's too "dog name" ?

Those are just some that I've heard/read/thought of lately. There are no boy's names because I love tons of them. TONS. Plus, we pretty much (99.999) have a boy's name ready.

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