Friday, January 30, 2009

Things I Have Bought Lately That I Love

I received the VS heritage sleepshirt as a present from my little bro and SIL for Christmas. I think they got me the red one. I LOVED it and immediately ordered the grey and the hot pink. They are so perfect to wear with pj pants to lounge or to sleep. The material is so light and soft so it's not too hot but they are long sleeved. They are on sale now for only $10! I'm buying the other colors that I don't have.
I have bought 5 pairs of shoes since Christmas. These are from and they were having a HUGE sale. I got these in today and they are better than the picture. I LOVE them so much. They can be worn with tights and skirts or with pants or whatever. They are by Restricted
Are you sick of me talking about my true love, L'occitane? I just cannot say enough about these products. I told you a few days ago about my trip to the store and what I bought. Well, I HAD to come back and talk about the wonders of these two products.

The first product, the lavender vinegar, is amazing. It's a natural spot treatment and you only need a tiny bit. That is true for all L'occitane products though, it goes a long way. All you need to do is put a little on a Q-Tip and put it on your skin imperfections. I have spots and redness and that is what I put it on and it works. I also put it on some of the spots where I nicked myself shaving and it calmed those down, too. I love using it at night because of the lavender smell.

I know that I have told you before about how sensitive and dry my skin is all the time. The shea butter cream is so great. It's thick and moisturizing and smells great. I use it after I shave, after I get out of the shower/bath, on my heels, on my hands and just before bed so I can smell it. I have the regular and the new limited edition rosebud. I plan to buy the acacia and the frangipani because they are 2 for $38 or 1 for $21. Right now, my wish list includes the lavender shea butter , the honey & lemon bath set, the orange spray and the home stuff.

What has been a good buy for you lately?

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