Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year

I'm excited that things are going to begin getting back to normal soon. The children go back to school, work schedules resume, my tv shows come back...

I plan to go tomorrow to register for a class or two. I don't know what exactly I'll need to do but I'm sure that someone can help me. I'm very excited about it. I'm very nervous about it. I went to high school a long time ago. I left in 1998 and got my GED which is something I don't like to discuss. I had a lot of health and personal problems and I just couldn't "do" school anymore. I still had an overall 3.2 average (or something like that).

I did very, very well on my ACT. I did very, very well on the GED test (it was a joke). Still, I'm scared TO DEATH that college will be too hard for me and I will fail. I'm extremely afraid of stupid. And failure.

I am not so good at the Math. I had some poor teachers in middle school and I don't think that my basic skills were ever very strong. I understand Algebra when it's taught to me but I don't know fractions or even how to add multiple numbers. My multiplication isn't so great either. I will probably have to take remedial Math(s) in college. That is okay, I guess. I need to learn.

I didn't know if I should share all this here but I thought, "Why not?" It's like everything else- my addictions, my weight, my depression, my recovery- it's me. I want to have these things written down. I have so many feelings about this subject and writing helps me. If you enjoy reading about it in the process, so be it.

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