Monday, December 29, 2008

Over It

Christmas came and went and left boxes and paper and cards in it's wake. Today, that is what I am dealing with. I want the boxes to leave. I want the new presents to find a home (not my dining room table). I want the glitter and tinsel and fake berry garland to climb back into the big Rubbermaid box and hibernate until next December.

I want my regular tv schedule back. I'm sick of reruns and cheesy holiday movies and specials. I want my House and Desperate Housewives and GOSSIP GIRL!! I did watch more Weeds and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Netflix Instant Movie Queue. Fab.

I am NOT over the holiday food. We are serious about food over here and my grandmother and Mom are excellent cooks. I love fried turkey and we had that for Christmas at Mom and Dad's. I still have a little bit left in a baggie and I want it but I don't want it to be gone! Ditto for the sweet potato crunch. I love, love, love sweet potato crunch. And the cornbread dressing. It was all just delish! I got a scale and I found out that I LOST 3.5 pounds since December 12. YAY!!

So, are you over it?

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