Monday, December 8, 2008

Hollywood Babies

Celeb babies born in December-

Amy Jo Johnson and her fiance, Oliver Giner, welcomed a daughter on December 1. The baby was named FRANCESCA CHRISTINE.

Donovan McNabb and his wife, Roxie, welcomed fraternal twins (a boy and a girl) on Tuesday, December 2. The twins joined big sister, ALEXIS. Their names have not been released.

Gena Lee Nolin gave birth to a daughter, STELLA MONROE, on Wednesday, December 3. Stella joins big brother, HUDSON LEE. Gena and her husband, Cale Hulse, had children from previous relationships- CAIA and SPENCER.

Eric Mabius and his (wonderful, brave, fabulous, princess) wife, Ivy Sherman (you'll see why such adjectives in a second) welcomed their second son, RYLAN JAXSON, on Sunday. Rylan weighed a little more than 10 pounds. Did you catch that??? WHAT? Yes, he did. He joins big brother, MAXFIELD ELLIOT.

Nigel Barker and wife Christen Chin Barker welcomed their second child, a girl, on Sunday. JASMINE INES was born in New York City and joins big brother, JACK.

Names to pick apart

Francesca Christine- I like Francesca. It's totally my kinda girl name- long and feminine and flowy. I like the nickname Frannie. I don't really love Christine because that is what my own name gets confused with.
Alexis- I don't hate it. I wouldn't use it. I used to love it, in the 90s. I feel like almost every family that has multiples, major multiples (4! 6!), there is an Alexis.
Stella Monroe- I like this a lot. I love Monroe with Stella. I love Monroe as a middle name.
Hudson Lee- I like Hudson. I think it's pretty "right now". Lee is a name that a lot of people in my family have. It's good together.
Caia- I don't love it. I really don't like the spelling.
Spencer- I have negative connotations to this name.
Rylan Jaxson- Rylan is okay. Jaxson, I like better as Jackson.
Maxfield Elliot- I like Max but not Maxfield. I'm not a huge fan of Elliot.
Jasmine Ines- Jasmine is the Disney princess. I guess I have no room to talk since I love the name Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) but I'm not actually going through with naming my child that.

What do you think?

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