Friday, December 12, 2008

Holly, Jolly Christmas

First, I want to say Happy Birthday to Gus, aka SIL, aka Shannon. I've already texted her, told her Happy Birthday on Facebook and talked to her (plus I'll see her in an hour and be with her all night) but I gotta give her a shout out here. SO, Happy Birthday, SIL. I love you. You are so gorgeous and smart and fun. I love that we are getting married soon and you'll be a part of the family forever. Feet.

Tonight we are going to a Christmas party for my family's company- A+ Corporation. My immediate family (husband, mom, dad, bro, SIL) will be there and so will my grandparents (on my mom's side)(my daddy's parents have both passed away sadly) and my uncle and aunt. I know a lot of people that work there and so I am looking forward to it.

I have not seen my parents or my husband this week because they have all been out-of-town. My parents were in New Mexico and Blue was in Atlanta, GA on business. I am looking forward to spending time with them. Whenever the 6 of us get together (which is very often) we always have a lot of fun.

This is what I'm wearing-

Bandolino Input Boots Black
Avenue tank
I meant for the shirt to be first but you all know how I'm so challenged at posting the pictures. I am pairing this with black trouser pants that are cuffed. I don't have a picture of those but you know what black pants look like. I will take lots of pictures there but I cannot promise that you'll ever see them :) Sorry! I also have a red sweater (cardigan) to go over the top of the tank. I hate my arms.
I am obviously not wearing a necklace because of the bling but I'm thinking about what earrings to wear. Hmmmm?? And bracelet. I LOVE bracelets. I have a ton so I'll find something. Maybe something black?
Oh, I went to get my hair colored and cut today and they didn't have me on the books! I was freaking out. They had a girl there for just a few days a while ago who had no idea what she was doing and had to be let go and apparently she had made the appointment. Of course Corey, my hair god, was swamped. The front desk girl- Nicole- felt really bad and did get me in for a color but no cut. I need one badly. Oh, well. I know that I'll be able to get something soon.
Hope you have a nice weekend!

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