Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sounds Like A "You" Problem, Not a "Me" Problem

Good GOD, did ya'll watch Jeff's reunion show? I know that everyone is sick of my love for him but I can't help it. I wanna hang out with him. I think I'm gonna make Luke answer the phone, "It's been a great day..." at night. "It's Like A Dream"

We put an offer on the house and now we wait. It's very exciting! And stressful, too. We have never bought a house before. The most expensive thing we've bought is the car. Buuuuuut, buying a house is a great thing. It's a beautiful home in a really great neighborhood. I'm nervous to hear what the SELLER's offer is. Let's pray that he goes for what we offered.

Monday I had an appointment with a new neurologist. I loved him! He would like for me to see a cardiologist because my previous neurologist diagnosed me with a "large PFO." He is unsure about that because she is obviously not a cardiologist and wonders about the diagnosis. I remember that she had a technician do an ultrasound on my heart. The new doc (Dr L) is also helping me wean off of my migraine prophylactic. I don't want to be on it while I'm pregnant so, I'm getting off of it. The visit was a good one. He was really nice and laid-back.

After my doctor's visit, I went to Perkins Rowe. It's a new-ish shopping area in Baton Rouge. I'd never been and I just wanted to look around and see what was there. It's really nice and I loved it. I went into Kiki, Urban Outfitters, Frock Candy, Purple Rocks, and Francesca's Collections. I got a cute purse and found some fabulous things. I loved Francesca's Collections. The website does nothing for the store. There were some great things for the wall that I will have to go back for.

I have been so thirsty lately. I'm always pretty thirsty, but it's so much worse now. I've started wanting more cereal and milk, too. I like Corn Flakes or Special K. It's random, I know.

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