Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun In Homebuying *UPDATED

The guy selling us his house is a douche. Every step of the way he puts up a fight. We had the house inspected on Monday. Everything came back fine (we know the builder, he is building my grandparents' house as we speak, he's phenomenal) except for some minor things. Two of those things we wanted him (seller) to take care of- service the AC (it is probably just low on freon-spell?) and fix the tub (leak or something).

Melanie, my realtor, told us that he should take care of servicing the AC in case something was majorly wrong with it. Luke wanted him to fix the tub. We sent him the inspection and the requests in writing and yesterday he sent us back his refusal. Mel says that she has NEVER had a seller refuse to service their AC. He pisses me off because I think that he is ridiculous. He was there to open up the house for the inspection. He was there! He knew the house was getting inspected. He should have said then, "Oh, by the way and FYI, I don't care what is wrong with the house. I'm not paying for anything."

I know it's only business, I know that. But, it's my blog and my place to discuss it. I never should've looked on For Sale By Owner!! If he had a realtor, he'd know that he could lose a qualified buyer for a measly $150-$200. Because I went to look at another house yesterday. I liked the other house, too. I didn't like it as much but I liked it a lot. I could paint the other house and do some stuff to the mantel and like the other house. Plus, the other house has a realtor. A silly one, though. Another story entirely.

I guess, what I'm saying is that if he pulls crap during the next big hurdle- the appraisal- I know that there are other options. I knew that before, of course, it's not like this is the only house for sale in my parish. I just love THIS HOUSE, the one with the butt head owner. I really, really, love this house and that butt head knows it. I would LOVE to be able to riiiiiiiip up the purchase agreement after one of his snotty little "refuse" or "counters" but I LOVE the DAMN house! FAIL! on my part, I guess, for letting him know how much I love the house.

And, I have a PIMPLE on my wrist. What is that? Plus, I'm a very bad Matron of Honor and I'm gonna get fired!

*UPDATED- The "pimple" is an ant bite. DUH! I forgot that I had to pick up some crumbs that had ants on them in the kitchen yesterday. I'm allergic to ants. I have a HORRIFIC (I know, drama queen) ant bite story if any one is interested. Later.

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