Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby Buzz- On the Double Revisited

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are now the proud parents of twins! A baby boy, KNOX LEON, and a baby girl, VIVIENNE MARCHELINE, were born via c-section Saturday in Nice, France. Her doctor reports that, "The babies are doing well. The operation went just perfectly. Angelina is in very good spirits. Brad Pitt was at her side. He was there and all was well." He also says that Knox weighs 5.03 lbs and Vivienne weighs 5 lbs and that their birth was moved up for "medical reasons".

Names, lets discuss. KNOX LEON- Knox is something I've never heard of as a name before. I think of Fort Knox. I'm not saying I don't like it, it's something I have to sit with. I don't dislike it. Leon- I'm wondering how they are pronouncing it. Are they saying it the French way (which is how I said it when I first saw it) or the American way. I don't know how to write out the French pronunciation. *I just read that Knox is Brad's grandfather's name/middle name.

Vivienne is one of my FAVORITE girl names. I love, love, love it- spelled like this, with the French pronunciation. I like the other way (Vivian), too but I really love this one. I love Vivi so much. Marcheline is Angelina's late mother's name. I think the two names go well together. I don't think that Zahara and Shiloh and Vivienne really go together, but I guess she doesn't care about that. Maddox, Pax and Knox do go well together though.

So, three boys and three girls for the Jolie-Pitt clan. Awesome! Oh, also the mayor of Nice called Brad and Angelina "the most famous couple of the world"- do you agree with that?

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