Friday, June 13, 2008

My Very Favorites (Right Now) *EDITED

*denotes the new stuff that I put in on 6/13 at 10:57am
I am a big huge name freak as most of you know. I like to discuss names for babies, middle names and how they all go together. I like hearing new names and putting them with family names or names I love already. Swistle has a BLOG dedicated to naming babies and I love it over there. I figured since I'm off the pill and TTC and all, I should share my (current) favorite baby names *(in no perticular order):

1. Isabella- This is pretty definite for baby girl number one.
2. Julianne/a- I love this name. I like classic sounding, long feminine names. I also love Anna & Annie*. Ann is my mom's middle name.
3. Elizabeth- A middle name and a family name on both sides of our families
4. Amelia- I like it a lot. Lindsey can't say it though. She says "Emilia" then starts sounding like Night At the Roxbury "Emilioooooooooo"
5. Mollie- Luke's choice and I like it
6. Sunshine- Luke's choice for a middle name (He's a hippy at heart)
7. Rhea- (pronounced RAY) The first middle name of our first daughter, it's a family name on my father's side.
8.Vivienne- I love, love it. Said the French way
9. *Eva- This is a name on my father's side and can be shortened to Evie (EE-vie). I like Evie a lot. This is all easier than Evelynn.
10.Corinne- I think this name is gorgeous. It "goes" with the others. Lindsey's cousin named her (sweet) little girl this though.

1.Asher- My very favorite boy name EVER. I love it. Luke likes it, too which is amazing because he hates everything. But he knows a guy in GA with the name. The guy has a questionable background or something. UGH!
2.Harry- My dad's name. My grandfather's name. Luke's grandfather's name. Luke's uncle's name. It's just very hard to put a middle name with it.
3. Sawyer- I like it. It sounds southern. It's a last name for a first name, my boy name style.
4. Walker- Luke likes this one. He really wants Herschel Walker which is a big, fat NO.
5. Ryder- I like this a lot. One of my favorite Dead songs is "I Know You Rider". Plus, I think it's a great name. I like hearing Kate Hudson talking about her son, Ryder.
6. Thomas- I think this is just a good, solid boy name.
7. Michael- This is my brother's middle name and it's a name we both love.
8. *Hudson- I love this name. I like "H" names. We used to really like Holden but we have an AIDEN & HADEN in our families.
9. Grady- A preppy name that I have always liked.
10. Anderson- It's my grandmother-in-law's maiden name & I really love it. My SIL said she'll kill me if I use it though...
11. *Jonah- I love, love, love this. It's one of my true favs but Luke says NO and no one else really likes it either (mom, dad, etc).

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