Thursday, June 26, 2008

I really Just Want Cake

I am sick of thinking up things to cook. It feels like we have the same things all the time. L is no help at all because when I ask him, "What do you want for supper?" He tells me, "I don't care." That is annoying. Especially knowing that he does care. I am an OK cook. I just don't have much of an imagination these days. I have some cookbooks, but some of them just seem like a joke. Where do these people find the ingredients? That is too fattening! I can't do THAT!

Also, my oven is broken. It has been broken for forever.My daddy bought me a slow cooker so that has been good. I need to call a guy and get it fixed. I'm dragging my feet about it though because it's such a pain. We live in a rent house, see. I know I should call my landlords. I know, I should. It's such a loooong story. If only it were that easy! I guess I would rather pay the money. It can't cost that much. Right? Right?

I have a freezer full of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, hamburger meat, some sausage, porkchops, basic stuff. I just need some ideas for what to cook. I always cook- jambalaya, spaghetti, roast, tacos, rice and gravy. I have not made red beans and rice in a while but it's something I cook a lot and not from a can. L loves it. That is the other thing. He doesn't like some stuff, like meatloaf. Hmmm, he does like shepherd's pie, but I gotta have the oven. Sorry! Thinking out loud.

What do you cook? What do you want to eat? I'm so sick of thinking about this.

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