Monday, May 19, 2008

Please Help

I drink a lot. Whoa, that sounded bad. I don't mean alcohol, I mean, well, you know. I am thristy all the time. I am also trying to limit my caffeine. My question is:

Does Crystal Lite have caffeine?
Does the tea? I have the regular lemonade, the pink lemonade, the peach tea and the orange-strawberry. I'm afraid to drink it lately because I'm not sure if it has caffeine. My research is inconclusive. That means that one place said yes and one said no. Caffeine effects me and because I have insomnia, I just cannot drink it.

I know I have some LDS readers. Do ya'll drink Crystal Lyte?

I'll be writing up a post about last night's Desperate Housewives over at the other blog later this evening or tomorrow. I also finally caught up with Lost. Oh, so so good!

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