Thursday, December 20, 2007

Soooo, Yeah, Well, Ummm....

I finished reading The Other Mother last night (I will mail it to you, Kel.) It's very much the story of the struggles women have, with each other and themselves. The which one is right- working moms or stay-at-home moms? Who is right and who is wrong? Who has it easier? Who has it harder? It's a very interesting book, with a few too many metaphors and similes for my taste but, overall a decent read. There are parts that I found completely unnecessary and ridiculous, too. If you read it or have read it, I think you'll know what I'm talking about.

Luke and I are not getting along, fighting, not fighting... He swears everything is fine. That's how he is. I am the type of person who is NOT afraid of confrontation, who thinks a fight is healthy in every relationship. Luke is the type to be mad about something for a year and never tell me. He is the type to suppress his emotions about everything- his family, his stress, whatever and deal with it in ways that are not very mature or healthy. I'm also, on the flip side, a dissociater. When I was going through a very awful time in my life, this is how I coped with it. It's not something I want to discuss with other people, my marriage and the problems in it. I love him and he loves me. I know that we will be OK. We've together for a long time and marriage is HARD.

My parents are coming home from New Mexico today/tonight. I'm very excited, of course! Daddy's bringing home an elk, yay!! Christmas is going to me different this year. Mom says that she wants me to open some of my presents early because she doesn't want our family time to be "The Kristen Show." I have no idea why because it usually is... Kidding!! Kinda. I'm sure the boy child has not gotten any less than me, maybe just my number of presents is greater. Don't be fooled into thinking he's neglected or anything, living in the manse, in his own wing, with his Christmas presents. None of this is said spitefully. I love him. I think he's great and could've bought him a ton of gifts myself.

My Christmas cards received count is at 17. I've received 6 photo cards (the M family- with Maria, etc, Muffin, Eden & Saylor, Cal, Andie & her husband, and Kel's family) and I'm still expecting a few more. I have heard that some people have received mine, too. I'm pleased. I slacked off a lot on my own this year and hope to do better next year.

I'll post later about what my plans are for Christmas. Who goes where, when, what happens on which days, etc... Guess what- I have all my presents bought but, not one is wrapped. *Sigh*

P.S. I'm watching Bringing Home Baby and the woman named her baby girl JOY INCREASING. Her older daughter's name is HOPE. I like HOPE. I'd love to know her middle name.

ETA(4:32 pm)- I'm about to watch Stardust. It's the other DVD I got from Netflix. I mailed back season 1 of Entourage- it came on two DVDs. Now, I'll get season 2 (comes on 3 disks). I'll put Stardust in tomorrows mail. After all the Entourages, is the movie, La Vie en Rose. It's the life story of Edith Piaf. I may have to move it up in the queue.

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