Monday, December 10, 2007


These are some of the pictures from Saturday night. We all met at mom and daddy's house. The limo picked us up there. These are Gus' pictures (from her camera). Keith and Susan (my uncle and aunt) took more and I hope to get some of those. Then you can see the kidlets, too. It was adorable to see them in the limo. We asked them if it was what they expected and it was fun to hear their answers. Maria, the oldest (14), described a very "movie-like" version with the seats on both sides. This one was not like that. It had a long bench seat on one side with the bars on the other. Then, a little two seater "love seat" (where Luke and I sat)facing forward. Behind that was a curved three seater.

There were movie screens throughout, with two larger ones in front of the main bench. We watched Open Season on the way back. We didn't get to finish it, though, now I have to rent it. On the way to the restaurant, we stopped for a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne which I loved! We'd had some champagne Thursday night (toasting Zoe) but, I think I like this kind better. No offense, Isabelle and Olivier!! I'm not really a wine drinker, or any kind of drinker, really. If I do, though, it's usually this. Anyway, we got our champagne and Justin made a beautiful toast to Papa and his success. We are still celebrating his becoming an ISA Fellow. Saturday, December 8th was also Papa's mother's (my great-grandmother) birthday. She died not very long ago. We also toasted her.

Just in case you are like me and want to know what people eat when they go out, I'll tell you what I remember. Shannon (Gus) and I split the crab stuffed mushroom appetizer (yum). Maria and Madison split the shrimp cocktail but hated it. Very funny because they had no idea what it was. Why'd they order it? No clue. We had dinner salads and some people also had seafood gumbo. I had the lump crab au gratin with a stuffed baked potato. It was good if a little bland for my taste. Could've used a little of this in my opinion. I put Tony's in everything. Gus had Tilapia, Luke had a steak that was still bleeding as usual, daddy had a crab dinner (crab au gratin, stuffed crab, crab fingers...) and mom had catfish. Those were the people who were sitting near me. I know Kenzie had half of a hamburger and Daniel had chicken fingers. I could've guessed that even if I wasn't there, though.

This place has homemade ice cream, too. Oreo, nutty coconut, Tabasco, fig preserve, vanilla, and they were out of chocolate. I got the Oreo (my favorite kind) and it was awesome. Gus and mom got coconut and it was very good. Papa got the Tabasco and I tried it. Very interesting. Tabasco has a sweet flavor at first, then it has a bite. I couldn't eat a bowl but, I'm glad I tried it. I wish someone would've gotten the fig because I love figs.

It was such a great night! I'm so blessed to have such a happy, healthy, loving, funny family. Also, such kind, generous, loving grandparents.

You wanna see pictures? These were taken in mom's driveway.

Luke HATES to have his picture taken!
Mom and Me! I love the ruching detail on the sleeve of my shirt. Can you see?
Gus and Shoe
This picture was taken especially for YOU!

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