Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's On? TUESDAY EDITION-After I Watched

So, I know the title is lacking but, I've been using it for awhile now so live with it. Remember this is section is usually filled with SPOILERS!!

Beauty and the Geek- I did watch some of this (it's DVR'ed) but, I also talked to mom on the phone, too. I didn't see who won the gift-basket challenge. The "romance" (showmance) between Sam and Rebecca is gross. Probably because I think Sam is a skeeve. He's all, "Man, that girl is so hot. She is just so fine." Love, true love. Then, for the anatomy challenge, are you kidding me? Earlobes? Left and right? They missed those things. I can understand appendix, kidney, septum but left and right? They should've done toes! PLUS, Hollie was one of my favorite girls but I'm not all that attached and I didn't see what was going on during the elimination part (when there was drama) so, I need to go watch all that.

House- This show is good! It was funny last night. I guess I can admit that it has kinda lacked a little bit, here and there. Just a few episodes last season were kinda boring... OK, I said it! The first two episodes of this season have been STELLAR! House is funny, mean, and quick. He is also, just a tiny bit-dare I say it-human. Do you think? What do you think of the "newbies"? Amber (the pushy-bitchy one, Anne Dudek), Cole (the Morman, Edi Gathegi), Taub (the plastic surgeon, Peter Jacobson), Six and sometimes Nine ( Kal Penn) and Thirteen ( Olivia Wilde). Oh and the old man who didn't go to med school (Carmen Argenziano) I love Thirteen and Kumar (six/nine). They are awesome. I hate Cameron's hair.

Cane- Such a good show! Frank is a weasel. I love Alex. I can't tell the difference between Isabel and Katie, though. That bugs me! And Alex will KILL Henry and Katie when he finds out about the Ecstasy. I'm not saying it's Henry's fault but, you know.... I cannot wait until Alex finds out that Frank is sleeping with (and giving secrets to) Ellis Samuals. Will he tell Pancho?

Law & Order:SVU- It's DVR'ed. Luke watched and said it was "weird"

Looking forward to tonight!
Pushing Daises premiers tonight on ABC at 7:00 and all the critics and others are saying it's the "best new show on TV this season". Are you going to watch? I have to, of course, give it a go.

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