Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shoeaddict's Buzz

Hello lovelies! Whoa, I had an awful night- I don't know why. I didn't fall asleep until 8 am! It was terrible. I hate having the jitters and pain! Please pray for my cousin Donna, who is in the hospital. My family is coming home from France tomorrow- YAY!! Ok, let's talk celeb news, rumors and fashion. Ellen decided to poke a little fun at Kid Rock on her show today by giving him a little gift, a Waffle House t-shirt. I think that's hilarious! Kid said that he was "provoked" into the fight at WH and that he doesn't want to be seen as a violent person.
Rumor has it that Milo Ventimiglia gave Hayden Panettiere an 18k gold ring inscribed "Sweet Like Hayden". The ring is from Tiffany & Co and is about $2,000. Cast members on Heroes say the two are not a couple.
Katie Price AKA Jordan is launching her own hair care line- this is one of the pictures from the ads. That's a lot of pink!
Kristin Bell at the Frederick's of Hollywood Spring 2008 Fashion Show in L.A. yesterday
Oh yeah, speaking of Ellen, some are saying that she and girlfriend, Portia de Rossi have split. Some say that her meltdown over rescue dog Iggy was not really all about Iggy but, about Portia leaving her. Portia supposedly left her because of the 15-year age difference between the two.
I'm SOOO EXCITED! Scrubs is back tonight for it's 7th and final season. From what I've gathered from my sources, the show picks up exactly where it left off last season. Elliot and J.D. were about to kiss, with Elliot's wedding looming and J.D. about to become a dad. What do you want to happen this finale season?
Dita Von Teese at the Telva Fashion Awards in Madrid. I love this dress. LOVE IT!!
My Gwennie all dressed up for a grown up dinner last night in NYC.
New pregnancy rumor- Christina is having twins! I think this is bonk. I have watched someone pregnant with twins and she was big (belly). This is what she looked like at 3 months. She got bigger, noticeably bigger, every day. I know everybody is different but I don't believe it until she (or her reps) confirm it. What do you think?

That's all for now.
Later, gaters!

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