Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shoeaddict's Buzz

I don't feel so great. I'm tired and my head hurts. I've also been very nauseated every single night for the past week. SIGH. I took my meds and hope to be asleep early- sans the nightmares. Here are a few things I've found that I'd like to add to my wardrobe very soon. What do you think?

LSU won last night against Auburn! Yay!! LSU is now #3 in all polls.
I spent yesterday and last night at Lindsey's house with these two. This is the last picture I have of them. They are very busy, loud, funny and adorable.

Another Dream Wish item from a jewelry designer that is sooooo me! I want this ring for a right hand ring. You know just a cahz kinda thing... Isn't it so purty?
More clothes... I meant to put the first top with the others at the top. The black tank and red dress I'd love for the holidays. Again, What do you think?

GWEN STEFANI and KINGSTON in Prague. Loves the blue sunglasses, the bangs, and his hat. She's still sportin him in that tacky gold stroller, though. Look how cute his blanket is with his name on it. I LOVE stuff with initials and names.

JENNIFER LOPEZ has yet to confirm her pregnancy and in fact, denies it. That, of course, is her prerogative, right? Judging by these pictures from her concert this weekend, she should stop denying it- even if she isn't going to confirm. I'm a girl with a belly but that is a BABY, no?

America's sweetheart, REESE WITHERSPOON, at the "Rendition" (KATE, Oh great English teacher, I need punctuation help! What do I do with movie titles? I have questions about a few things) premiere in Rome, Italy

This is backward. I wanted JENNIFER CONNELY to be first but... This is a close up of the shoes. What do you think now? They certainly do NOT match that ugly dress (except that they are both ugly).

And finally, BRITNEY got her kids back and her lips plumped. That is something I would do fo' sho- get my lips plumped. I wouldn't want "trout pout" but I have no lips! What do you think of MISS SPEARS' lips?

That's all for today, lovelies.
Will be back tomorrow.

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