Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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While collecting the news from the celeb world this week, I thought I needed a spunkier name for these posts. Something better than the very uncreative- Hollywood News or Celeb News. So, what do ya think of the title today? I've got some stuff for you today. Settle in, readers! This week, COLIN FERRELL revealed that his 4-yr-old son, JAMES, has a rare neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome. I have not heard anything from the Irish bad boy in awhile and from what I'm reading, no one else has either. COLIN tells the Irish Independent that JAMES shows "amazing courage" and says he's "incredibly blessed to have him [James] in his life." COLIN also revealed that JAMES has recently achieved a major goal- he took his first steps! Angelman Syndrome is categorized by developmental delay, speech impairment, movement or balance disorder, excessive laughter and maybe seizures.
In an interview with GQ Magazine, LANCE BASS revealed some very interesting details. He says that back in the day he and MARC ANTHONY (AKA Skeletor a la M.K) were BFFs. What? Yep, that's what he says! LANCE says, "We were boys. We had a good time-before he was married. He was surprised when I came out." Surprised? Well, is he deaf, blind and dumb? And is LANCE talking about before MARC was ever married? Before he married Dayanara Torres in 2000? OK. LANCE goes on to tell the mag that BRITNEY SPEARS was one of the first people he came out to. He was in Vegas with her when she was "married" for the first time to JASON ALEXANDER. He told her he was gay after that whole fiasco because he "felt bad for her. I knew she was about to go through a lot of crap. I felt the need to share something." Well, alrighty then! He also says she was surprised! Come on!!! Were all his friends shocked or did they just lie? Did they not want to tell him they knew he was gay the whole time?
Hounds tooth Jacket from Torrid- on my Wish List
The "statement" coat is big this season. This "man" pattern is very stylish also. I love, love, love black and white (with a pop of red).
Diamond Bracelet from Lee Michaels- Wish List (Dream List)
This is just gorgeous and so me. Diamonds are always in.
A friend of BRITNEY's (Tuesday Knight) says that she's told her, "You cannot walk into a store wearing just a shirt with your underwear off!" Awwww, such sweet BFF advice- I see that in needlepoint on a pillow! Apparently, Brit responds to this by telling Tuesday that she just doesn't like to wear underwear. Does she not like to close her legs, either?
CRUZ BECKHAM is just the cutest. Here he is with mom, VICTORIA BECKHAM, in Paris.
Look, it's Stripper-Bride Barbie! This is the very classy dress (?) that PAM ANDERSON wore when she wed Mr. sex-tape RICK SOLOMON. OK! Magazine has the pics from the beautiful, touching ceremony. Well, at least she wore a dress to this wedding instead of her usual white bikini- that's what she wore to her weddings to both TOMMY LEE and KID ROCK. Oh, Pammy's growing up and getting classy.
Wanna know a secret? I used to LOVE RICKY MARTIN! In about 1998, I was all about Livin La Vida Loca. Tuesday, RICKY received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I would just love to have a star!
This is a major shoe crush. It's JEWEL who is wearing them. Just thought I'd show some more of my Wish (Dream) List. I have crushes on too many shoes!

LINDSEY LOHAN is out of rehab and everyone here at the Diary (HA!) prays that she stays clean and sober and happy. I really want her to do well. It looks like she is not starting off all that great in the man department, though. Her new boyfriend, RILEY GILES, has a fiancee'. He didn't bother to break up with her. I've also heard that he was arrested last year for forging prescriptions. LiLo met him in Utah (rehab).
I love me some CARRIE UNDERWOOD! She was spotted with CHACE CRAWFORD, 22, the cutie from Gossip Girl in Manhattan hot spots this past weekend. They were probably "canoodling." You know all the magazines say that couples were spotted "canoodling"... I've never done that! CARRIE, 24, told PEOPLE of CHACE, "I've met him and he seems like a really nice guy. He's got cool hair, he's a nice height and he just has the most beautiful eyes." Cool hair, a nice height? It kinda sounds like she's talking about a show cow or dog. Maybe it's just me. Good for the pretty people.
Poor ELLEN! Did y'all see her on her show yesterday, crying about her doggie problems? OHMIGOD, soooo freakin sad! Here's the story if you haven't heard it- ELLEN adopted a cutie dog from a rescue agency but it didn't work out. Supposedly, Iggy (the dog) didn't get along with ELLEN's cats. So ELLEN gave Iggy to her hairdresser's daughter. This was against "the rules" according to the rescue agency. She was supposed to inform them of the switch and did not do so. When the agency called ELLEN to follow-up about the adoption, they were told that another home had been found for Iggy. They sent a rep to the home where Iggy was and removed the dog from the home. ELLEN is very upset to say the least. She acknowledges that she was wrong and that she didn't follow the rules but is asking the agency not to take it out on the girls (hairdresser's girls). Today, it's been reported that Iggy was given to another family.
ISLA FISHER, 31, is really pregnant. She's due to give birth to her baby (boy, I think) any day now. The baby's father is SACHA BARON COHEN (Borat).
More celebs bringing their kiddies to pumpkin patches! It's my girl, KIMORA LEE SIMMONS with her tres adorable daughters, MING LEE, 7 and AOKI LEE, 4. Also, in the back is her boyfriend, DJIMON HOUNSOU. It's reported that KIMORA's ex-and the girls' father-RUSSELL SIMMONS was also there. Go to my other blog (the TV one) SHOEADDICT SAYS to read about KIMORA and her new reality show.
Later, gaters!

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