Monday, October 1, 2007


This is a picture of my grandfather, my PaPa. He is a genius. Really and truly. His birthday was last Wednesday, the 26th. He was born to Bernadette and Peter, the only boy. He grew up in a rural, poor farming community and worked hard. He invented and created his own games and toys as a child and read everything he could find. He was also a practical joker and a little trouble maker... which hasn't changed! He grew up speaking the Cajun-French language until he went to school and the teachers forced him to learn English. He always spoke his first language with his parents and 3 sisters, though.

When I was born, his first grandchild of 6, (4 girls and 2 boys), my great-grandparents were both still alive and well. I was so blessed to know them and love them both. My PaPa has always been such a well rounded man, in my eyes. He's super smart, beyond. Don't ask him a question because he knows the answer and he will tell you. He's also very kind-hearted, sweet and sensitive. PaPa can also be very funny, telling jokes and being silly. He loves to be with his family, out by the river and making us all laugh.

He is also very positive and happy. It's a GREAT day to him! He always tries to keep things in perspective and never get lost in negative details. He has struggled through hard times and made it through the other side. PaPa gives people chances and is very generous. He is a Christian man, goes to church every Sunday and holiday and holy day of obligation. He knows what he believes in- God or country and doesn't back down. I got all of that very honestly.

When I was little, he used to tease me so bad. He'd pretend to bite me until I'd scream for my Mamaw. I'd fuss at him and tell on him but, I'd always go back for more. He loved to video us and has TONS of us (especially Justin and me) on video doing silly, little kiddie things. Lots of me being a big brat, for example. There is some of he and I in the yard when I was maybe 5, all legs and big mouth, teaching him to "exercise." Very funny stuff.

He now has won yet another award in his field. He is a scientist. An inventor. A genius.

This is what it says about the award on the ISA website:

One of the highest honors that a professional can receive is true, unbiased recognition of their achievements by their peers.
The ISA Fellow designation means that an unbiased, dedicated group representing the industry has recognized your professional contribution to the field. The designation means that you are acknowledged as a primary contributor to your particular discipline. It means that you have made exceptional engineering or scientific contributions to the effectiveness of automation professionals worldwide.
Fellow candidates are processed through the society’s Admissions Committee, and are elected by ISA’s Executive Board. Those granted Fellow Member status receive a Fellow pin and a commemorative plaque during the society’s annual meeting.

This is the award he has won. The ceremony will be held tonight, October 1st in TX. I hope everyone gets pictures of him and Mamaw in their finest.

Needless to say, my PaPa is one of the greatest people I know. He is a great definition and example of what it means to be a father, son, husband, brother, and grandfather. He is a great boss, friend, uncle and most of all a great man. I love him beyond words. He's done things for me and been there for me and I will always truly, truly be thankful to be part of his family, his legacy.

I love you, PaPa.

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