Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More TV?

Are y'all getting tired of me and TV? Well, there are new shows premiering this week and shows that returned this weekend that I just have to discuss so, shall we?

What do y'all watch on Friday?
I will, on occasion, sometimes, when I am in the mood, watch ::puts head down:: Ghost Whisperer. The one with Jennifer Love Hewitt and her eye lashes and boobs, ya know? But, y'all know I LOVE my Stacy and Clinton on Friday nights.

College Football, helloooo
Saturday is an all day college football day. It's a bonding time for Luke and I. We have fun, we watch as many games as possible (the number is astounding) and GRILL something. Men and fire- it's sorta cute. He makes great hamburgers. Go Tigers!!

Sunday Sunday **Spoilers**
OK, who loves Desperate Housewives? Who watched Sunday? The reviews are great, so far. Most people are pretty happy with the season premiere, that includes me. I have to admit that the show had been lacking for me in the past and I'd miss a show or two and not really care. Let me give you my opinion on Sundays episode-
Susan- I knew she was pregnant the minute she went to see the doc. Some people are saying that the baby is going to end up being Ian's but, how can that be? How long has she been with Mike? That will really make me mad because it's not really feasible. Lots of people don't like Susan and I understand that but, I really don't dislike her. Yes, she is kinda neurotic and insecure. I also think she is a good friend, loving mom and wife.
Edie- OK, it was most definitely screwy and psycho but, how funny was Edie's "suicide" attempt? Whoops, crazy neighbor is gonna really kill me. Then, she REALLY thought the whole neighborhood was throwing her a party? That was crazy. What a master manipulator.
Lynette- I love her. She's so real. Felicity Huffman is an amazing actress. I think Lynette's storyline is a great one for women to see. She's a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter and a woman- with cancer. I thought the moment she pulled off her wig to ward off PTA-monster-mom and revealed herself to everyone, was so beautiful, poignant, sad.
Gaby- What a firecracker! Did anyone else notice in the credits at the beginning of the show that it said, EVA LONGORIA PARKER? That was weird to me because she's always in the press and never had "Parker" attached to her name. Anyway, I want Gaby and Carlos to be together. I cannot stand Victor and I can't believe that she'd allow him to get away with what he said about marrying her. She had me cracking up when she kept telling Carlos, "Best Wishes", in the parking lot. *A little bit of trivia for you, when two people get married or announce their engagement, you give the groom congratulations and you offer the bride best wishes*
Bree- Marcia Cross looks great! Her hair is so pretty. Loved the "sitting on the porch playing the banjo" remark to Andrew. I liked that she broke down and admitted that she wanted this baby because she wanted a second chance at motherhood. Were you surprised that she didn't reveal her secret when the girls made their pact? I wasn't. She doesn't want to be judged anymore. Right? Even if no one is judging her, it's the way she perceives it.
Newbies- What do we think about the new family? What's their secret?

I also DVR'ed Cold Case, which is a really good show. I watched Gossip Girl at 7:00, before DH. I really do like that show. There is just so much to watch and the DVR doesn't allow me to record enough and watch while recording. Something's gotta give!! I watched Shark at 9:00. It's another show that I really love. James Woods is a cad IRL but, he's a fabulous actor and this character is a great one.

Manic Monday
My Monday was not manic- just terrible. But, I watched Dancing with the Stars for the first time. I enjoyed it. I still get so angry at the judges and confused by the way they judge. Here is what I thought about some of the dancers:
Marie O- OMG! I thought she was gonna have her way with her poor partner. He looks scared of her during practice. She needs to tone down the flirt.
Albert- I cried during his practice. That was so sweet. He and Anna have a great chemistry and he's a good dancer.
Mark- I thought he was good.
Mel B- She was wonderful! She looks fantastic and deserved a better score.
Jennie- Ummmmm, what a Kelly Taylor attitude! Hello, just don't waste anyone's time if you're gonna be mean and mocking to your partner. Then, of course you could tell she wanted to burst into tears when she was speaking to the judges but, what was that my-dentures-are-coming-out-of-my-mouth face she was making?
Helio- Julianne is my favorite. She is an awesome choreographer. They were FANTASTIC.
Cameron- I used to watch All My Children and was in love with him. He's good and he's sexy. I also really like Edyta, his partner.
Cheetah- She is good but, of course she is. She is a dancer! This is not fair.
Jane- I didn't see her. I was in the other room talking to Luke.
Floyd- Ditto
Wayne- I just don't think he's THAT bad.
Jennie should go. I know she's not, though.

**KELLI** Singing Bee comes on at 7:00 on NBC, followed by The Biggest Loser, then Law & Order: SVU.
On ABC- Cavemen (Luke is so excited) & Carpoolers premier at 7:00 and 7:30, followed by the results show for DWTS at 8:00. Boston Legal comes on at 9:00.
FOX has Bones at 7:00 and House at 8:00.
NCIS comes on at 7:00, The Unit at 8:00 and Cane (YAY!!!) at 9:00 on CBS.
The CW has Beauty and the Geek and The Reaper back to back starting at 7:00 and BRAVO has the fifth and final season opener of Queer Eye at 8:00. I love Queer Eye!!

So, for me, there will be DVR'ing. There will be watching when it comes on again. I'll tell you all about it ASAP.

Now, your turn.

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