Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's On? WEDNESDAY EDITION- After I watched


I'm running around like a mad woman because I actually feel decent (which is becoming fair-poor) and when I feel this way, I get everything I can done. laundry that is piled up, dishes, cleaning up (we are MAY-JAR clutter bugs), etc... I need to go grocery shopping but, I can't drive. Oh well! So, I'm folding and putting away clothes and going in the laundry room to move the clothes from the washer to dryer. I may have missed some stuff...

America's Next Top Model- I'm watching the judging right now. Yes, VALLEY GIRL, live blogging again! ;) It's so much easier especially when there are so many contestants. So, these girls who cat fight and talk the 'hood talk DRIVE ME NUTS. I'm so sick of it. Sarah is being judged now and she's pretty. Bianca (a 'hood talker with purple/burgundy hair) had weird pics. Janet takes great pics, which I could tell she would because the angles of her face. Kimberly was called a hoochie by Tyra and I don't like her because she was very mean about Heather. Heather is a beautiful pale-skinned, dark haired girl with Asperger's Syndrome . The other girls are mean about it. Well, I should say, SOME of them are mean about it. I know that I have not always been a total sweetheart to everyone but, I've never been ugly to someone with a personality disorder. Salesha won the "dressing up for panel" challenge. I just don't think it was a difficult challenge. They let the girls loose in Old Navy and they were supposed to find a stylish outfit, right? Everything in there is stylish and all you have to know is how to dress your body. All of these girls have the same type of body for the most part- skinny! They should know what colors do and do not work for them. I like (no order) SARAH, LISA (she is ghetto in her speaking but, pretty pic), VICTORIA, HEATHER, AMBRIELLE, JANET... Bianca is pretty but, she doesn't know what is up, Kimberly is a b*tch and a hoochie, Chantal- whoa, HELLO black eyebrows! Ebony is pretty but, her pictures are all stiff. **I cannot wait for makeovers. I love them!!** MILA is gone. UPDATED: Read THIS recap. I laughed so hard, I cried.

Private Practice- I hate the name DELL! What is that? I love Addison dancing naked. Midwifery is a word. I know that because my DREAM was to be a midwife. Amy Brenneman is really fantastic! I loved Judging Amy. The poor lady, Jenny, counting tiles. Mental disease gets to me. It really gets to me. I didn't like Naomi in the "sneak peek" last season and I kinda still don't. Pete (Tim Daly) is a good character until it comes to him being all cheesy with Addison. Remember how he kissed her and was all weird about it? Now, he's still being all gross. I know it's NOT funny (it is) but, that guy died, ummmm, going, in a cup? Then his girlfriend and wife fought over his spearm- loved it. Addison was great with Lucy and her baby. I think, despite my love for her, Amy Brenneman and Jenny-the-tile-counter outshined (outshone) her. Taye Diggs' character is a really good character. I love Addison's "something big" finish. I know this was kind of ramble-y but, that's what you're getting. Sorry. I didn't think it was great but, it has potential. I'm giving it a shot.

Dirty Sexy Money- I'm watching it now but, it's being DVR'ed and I don't know if I'm gonna watch it live or later. The Darlings- what a name! Oh, that Elle Fanning (Kiki George) is so incredibly adorable. She looks exactly like Dakota did, huh?

Kid Nation was DVR'ed and will be watched later. Gossip Girl will be watched on another day. I really need to get another DVR.
**It's Wednesday afternoon and I still have not watched Kid Nation, Dirty Sexy Money, or Gossip Girl.

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