Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's On? TUESDAY EDITION-After I Watched

I'll have to keep updating but I thought this was a good way to do it for now. It's all fresh in my mind! **SPOILERS**

House- Very good episode! Did anybody guess what was going on with Megan before House? I did not. I should have. Cuddy's outfits DRIVE ME NUTS. I love her but, c'mon! House in his leather jacket and sunglasses, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah! I love that guitar, too. He cracked me up with the janitor. I missed the "team" very much and cannot wait for them to come back. I also cannot wait to see him with the newbies.
How do you think House did without a team? Do you think he needs one? Did you miss Cameron, Chase and Foreman?

Next up... Cane!
This show had my blood tingling, my heart thumping and my breathing quickened. It was so fabulous and appealed to so much of what I love. First, I am a sucker for traditions and family. I love being a part of a cajun family that has a unique style of music, language and food. This show features the DUQUE family who are a gorgeous Cuban family in the rum business. Jimmy Smits is so good in this show, just as he's been in all of his shows. I loved the show. I can't believe that Isabel is pregnant though. They have Jamie, who is 18 or 19, Katie, 17 and Artie is about what? 9 or 10? That is a lot of years difference. I cannot wait until next week. This show is great!!
Did you watch this new show? What do you think?

Law & Order:SVU- "...In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit, these are their stories... " **clang, clang** I love Mariska, she is one of a handful of women who can pull off that kind of cut. Also, I love, love, love Ice-T- despite myself! Well, I love him on the show. I love them all- Munch, Elliot, etc... OMG! Miranda is on the show (yes, I'm blogging while watching!). She is an amazing actress. Oh, Lawd, Miranda done loss her min, OK- I'll be back. OK- I've just finished and WOW!! What an awesome episode and a fabulous performance by Cynthia Nixon. This particular subject of Disassociate Identity Disorder is something I am somewhat familiar with and have a little bit of knowledge about. I was diagnosed with Dissociative Disorder in 2001. I was in intense (VERY) treatment after having a breakdown of sorts. I was sexually abused in a relationship for 3 years from the ages of 15-18. That's enough about that for now. I do not/did not have D.I.D but, spent a lot of time with quite a few women who did and it was fascinating. At first it was scary but, then, after getting to know these ladies, it was just very sad.
OK- the show, the writing and acting were all stellar. I know that so many people criticise and make fun of all the "Law & Orders" and the spin offs but, I think they are all really good.
Do you watch SVU? Do you have any knowledge of D.I.D?

I'm saving Beauty and the Geek for later.

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