Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Vampire Book Is Not Helping!

Thank you to everyone who asked about my health and offered to pray for me. Please know that I appreciate all the kindness and prayers are always welcomed. Here's an account of what happened yesterday in case you are interested.

My dad usually brings me to see my doctors. They are in New Orleans which is about a 50 minute drive from where I live. Well, dad got called to do a job (or something ?) so, I asked my friend, Melissa to bring me. At 6:30, Melissa's husband text messaged me to tell me that she had a stomach virus. I called my mom and she re-arranged her meeting to take me. Luke was waiting for his new office furniture and couldn't bring me. The day was starting with a bang!

Mom was coming at 12:00 so we could go for lunch first. I was sure to wear my diamond hoops and diamond earrings (sparklies, for Hannah!) for luck. I wore a GREAT white eyelet top and dark jeans. Shoes- leopard print ballet flats. Mom and I ate at Quiznos and were on the road for 12:45. My appointment was at 2:30 so we figured we had plenty of time. It was very nice to be with mom. We have always been extremely close. We have the same sense of humor and laugh a lot. I was nervous and talking and talking and talking.

Then, we stopped. Forever. We saw nothing but cars and we were on the bridge. I just thought about the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota and I'm SO glad I didn't think about that yesterday. It took us an hour and a half to get across! All we saw were a few cars on the side of the road so, I have no clue what the hold up was. Once we got into the city, it began to rain. Not a little shower, either. It was a torrential downpour. We couldn't see in front of us and the streets started to flood. We took the exit that was one too soon because we couldn't see and we were on flooded streets. It was awful.

It was already 3:00 so I called the Dr and explained my situation. I wouldn't have taken "no" for an answer. I have waited MONTHS for this appointment and I HAD to have an audience with this man. The nurse told me I could still come on up and see him. We got there and sat in the waiting room making notes in my little book. We left at 12:45 and got there at 3:15!! It normally takes 50-60 minutes tops. Ahhhh, it was an a-venture (a family saying).

The lady calls me back (mispronouncing my name *sigh*) and there it is. THE SCALE. I discover that I have gained weight and I now weigh 569,099 lbs. I wallow to the exam room and get my blood pressure and pulse taken. My bp was 90/60 and I have no clue what my pulse was (betting it was high). I then had to go through the litany of medications that I'm on and the dosages and blah, blah, blah... Then, it's just mom and me again and I. start. to. panic. What if he thinks I'm just a lazy cow? What if he comes in and tells me that my blood work (I went last week to get blood drawn) shows nothing, everything's normal? PANIC. CRY.

He comes in with his brilliant mind and crazy hair. He rattles off the medications, too, telling me how ridiculous it is that "A young, healthy girl is on so many medications." Ummmmm, yes, I know this. I was all proud because I weaned off of one. Then I go through the list of troubles, symptoms, problems I have. He tells me that my blood shows high insulin levels (already knew this), normal cortisol, high triglycerides... I'm severely insulin resistant (already knew that), have primary hypo-thyroid (already knew that), DOES NOT think I have an adrenal insufficiency! Instead, he's testing me (blood work) for a disease known as Cushings. It's basically the opposite of adrenal insufficiency. Very complicated and confusing.

He's adjusted some medications and given me some recommendations. I had a positive romberg and other neurological problems so, I have an appointment tomorrow with my neurologist. Then, more blood work on Friday. Lindsey said I will have no blood left!!!

He's sending me to a dietitian to be put on a diabetic diet and he wants me to have a sleep study done. I am praying that something works and I can lose some weight. I want to lose weight, get energy, be able to exercise, do my chores, and have a little bit of a life.

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