Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Now, Can I Get A Breeze?

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It's finally coming...Fall TV and let me tell you, honey, I. Am. THRILLED!! So, many new shows I'm just dying to see and hoping are as good as they are promising to be... Um-Um, always a good time! Let me start off by saying that this summer of shows has been EXCELLENT! I know I've been saying it but, it's just so great to not have to watch crappy reruns (that they don't even have the decency to air in ORDER) or whatever. Saving Grace, Army Wives, The Closer, Damages, Mad Men, what am I forgetting??? And, yes on Saturday, AMC was so wonderful to show all the episodes of Mad Men and I only missed the first two because I thought it was airing later. I love the show! Kate, Naomi, I'll be asking y'all some ??s later.

So, since I get the sweetest comments from y'all EVAH about how you love to read the Diary because you don't have to read a fashion magazine and you get your celeb news right here (FYI- Owen Wilson is at home and is surrounded by his family and friends), I thought I'd tell you what I'm gonna be watching and when they all start.

BUT FIRST- I'm going to make a separate list for my mama. She's been driving me crazy asking me to let her know when "her shows" start. Her shows are:

The Biggest Loser- 9/11 (Tuesday)
Survivor: China- 9/20 (Thursday)
Dancing With the Stars- 9/24 (Monday)
The Bachelor- 9/24 (Monday)
Grey's Anatomy- 9/27 (Thursday)
**I cannot find anything about a new season of the Race. It's usually a mid-season show, right? Let me know if anyone knows anything**

OK, onto what I'm looking forward to and when it's coming on and all that jazz. (all times central)

*The Emmy's on 9/16 (Fox)
New Shows
Dirty Sexy Money- Premieres Wednesday 9/26 @ 9:00 ABC (This is a show about Nick George, played by Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), a lawyer with an idealistic views, who finds himself representing a trouble-making, rich family. He's taking the place of his father who has died in a plane crash. The family is in NYC and is named "Darling")

Private Practice- Premieres Wednesday 9/26 @ 8:00 ABC (I love Kate Walsh. I love the character of Dr. Addison so, I'm going to give this show a chance. I also really love Amy Brenneman, Taye Diggs & Tim Daly. I liked the show.)

Cane- Premieres Tuesday, 9/25 9:00 CBS (Oh boy! I am soooooo freakin excited about this show! I love Jimmy Smits. The previews I've seen remind me of my HUGE crush on Mafia crime boss, Sonny Corinthos- played by Maurice Bernard- YUMMMM. This show is centered around the wealthy Duque family. They are in the rum-making business and the patriarch is ill and is dividing the family assets among his three biological children, Frank, Isabel, and Henry. Alex was "adopted into the dynasty at a young age but, is married to Isabel and is given control of the company and Frank is not happy. Sounds really good. Hot)

Samantha Who?- Premieres 10/15, Monday 8:30 ABC (Christina Applegate stars in this comedy as a girl who wakes up from a coma to find out she was a total witch)

Big Shots- Premiers 9/27, Thursday 9:00 ABC (Word is this is Sex and the City without the Manolos. It stars Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus, Michael Vartan & Joshua Malina)

Woman's Murder Club- Premieres 10/12, Friday 8:00 ABC (A homicide detective (Angie Harmon-love her!!) solves crimes with her buds; a reporter, a medical examiner, and a district attorney.)

Those are the NEW SHOWS I'm excited about and will be giving a try. I'll tell you what OLD SHOWS I'm going to be watching in a post tomorrow.

I'm asking that you ONLY comment on the NEW SHOWS. You can comment on others, but we'll be covering OLD (RETURNING) SHOWS tomorrow.

TO SARAH- My parents bought a HUGE house here closer to where I live. It's in a subdivision. It's GORGEOUS. I'll tell you details in person/phone if you want. You should come see it. It's right off of the interstate.

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