Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Night TV- What I Watched (UPDATE)

I'm kinda "live" blogging at 8:14pm in the middle of Two and a Half Men. Luke's not home and I really don't feel like doing much else, so... Hey! No laughing at me.

I did the whole CBS thing tonight. I'm DVR'ing Dancing with the Stars. Does no one else have a problem with the recording 2 shows and must watch one. That is really gonna hurt me! I forgot to call about another DVR. Does anyone know the price for a second one?

How I Met Your Mother- I never watched this show before, or I've only seen bits and pieces here and there. LINDSEY and KATE convinced me to give it a try. It was funny and OH MY! Mandy Moore was on as a guest star. Love her. I know that the "band camp" girl and Marshall (?) got married. Doogie Houser is gay in real life and on this show is a man whore. Robin and the guy who is young Danny Tanner broke up and he was sooooo upset and got a tramp stamp. OK

The Big Bang Theory- I loved this show! I liked David from Roseanne.

Two and a Half Men- I'm laughing so hard. Dressing Jake all in beige because it's not affiliated with a gang, Charlie's "itch" ("Does this look infected to you, Alan?.... "Well, I'm not asking you to tickle it!"), Jake calling Charlie while he was in the backseat and Charlie was in the front seat. Charlie and his allergic reaction!
Rules of Engagement- I'm gonna watch this. I. MUST. EAT. That whole snoring thing. That is sooooooo Luke and me. Me trying to slap him to shut him up, him acting like he has no clue what I'm talking about, him waking up and saying "Well, you wanna do it, then" I just wanted to SMOTHER you! Okay, going find food.

I guess I'm gonna do CSI:Miami. I love Emily Procter. Is she still on the show?

UPDATE- I watched the very beginning of CSI, then Lindsey called and I wasn't all that interested in the show. I also watched The Bachelor during commercials when I watched Rules. He (Brad) is not cute and is a cheese ball. He said the same thing to every girl. "Hey, Can I steal a hug?" "I can't wait to spend time with you inside!" What a nerd. Yuck. All of it is gross. I started watching when he was sitting down with Chris and Chris was asking him if he was a millionaire. What does he do? He says his family knows the track record of the show and that's why they support him being on, ummm, huh? The show has a terrible track record! The fishing guy (Byron, Brian) is still with his girl but, not married. Charlie O'Connell is still with his girl but, not married. The last bachelor and his girl just broke off their engagement. Whatever, end of rant.

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