Sunday, September 9, 2007

I HAVE to see this... UPDATED-After the performance

Britney Spears opens up the MTV VMA's tonight at 8:00. It's 7:39, Luke's watching "The Simpson's" and I am on pins and needles. I really want to see Brit do well. I don't like the new song (It's no "Toxic") but, I feel for her. I think she does love her boys and if everyone were followed around, we would all look like horrible people/wives/parents. I also think that she has made mistakes but, she's human and she was not protected by the people who should have done that. Her parents should have put their foot down reguarding certain things and treated her like a CHILD instead of a CASH COW.
Guess I'll step down off my soapbox now.
*Yeah, Britney needs to decide what she wants. Being a mom is just fine. Deciding to retire from performing is fine. What happened tonight was just mediocrity and that's not going to cut it against the talent out there. Her body is "soft" (better than mine, of course- much better but, not good enough for that "bikini"), her hair is just GROSS, her face is good but, she needs WORK. The lip-syncing was awful and distracting. The dancing was unimpressive. It was NOT what she has WOW-ed me with in the past. I could've easily done it and she looked nervous.
What I'm saying is that if she wants this, a successful comeback, she is going to have to hire the best people and work, work, work. She will have to quit partying (alcohol, late nights, smoking, etc.. all make you fat and look yuck), work out and DANCE. Did y'all see Rhianna? HELLO???? And her shoes? OMG!!! That child is HOT.

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