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Fall Into Shoes!

Here it is people, the shoes for Fall!!!!! It's taken me more time than you want to know to get this post together but, I've LOVED it. No, I have not bought any shoes. Here's the deal: I'm going to put things into categories, according to the trend, let you know the brand, name and price of the shoe. Some shoes I wrote some more info about, some I did not. If you are interested in a shoe (or more) let me know which one(s) with as much detail as possible and I'll let you know where to find it at the best price.
Some shoes follow more than one trend. I put the ones that were obvious at the end but, it was driving me crazy! I'll also let you know what you can wear with these shoe trends. So, get your credit cards ready...

Ankle boots are everywhere! They come in all types of colors and lengths, with buckles, tassels, zippers, and cuffs. They also come in leather, suede and what have you.WHAT TO WEAR WITH THEM- wear your skinny (or straight leg- I'm plus-sized and I have these) jeans, pants, wide-legged jeans or pants, tunics, leggings and opaque tights. DO NOT WEAR- bare legs and dresses.

Steve Madden "APLEGATE" (shown in cognac leather) available in 8 colors, $129.95

Siegerson Morrison "7527" $495.00

Betsey Johnson "Lucca" $295.00

Carlos by Carlos Santana "Avenger" (shown in Tan) $149.00 **I like these a lot**

Nine West "Taglia" $99.00

Jessica Simpson "Hamin" $89.00 (available in 2 colors)

J. Renee "Weston" lizard-print $79.00 **I like these, too**


The cap-toe heel is usually a fabric shoe with a patent leather toe. They come in slingbacks, pumps, and some FLATS. WHAT TO WITH THEM- these are usually a very ladylike shoe so wear with skirt suits, sweater seats, cardigans, thin turtlenecks, wool trousers and sheer hosiery when appropriate.

wool and patent leather slingbacks by Justsweet, $115

Betsey Johnson "Leopold" (also fits the "MENSWEAR" trend), $190.00

Guess "Kendrick" $99.00


Tall boots are still a big deal this fall but, two different styles in particular are being featured here. The first is the cuffed and the next will be the casual flat boots. WHAT TO WEAR WITH THEM- Wear skirts with these boots, from minis to ankle-length. Also, tights or leggings... DO NOT WEAR- jeans! The cuff adds bulk so jeans are not really recommended.

Steve Madden "FAVORITE" (available in 2 colors), $169.95

Alberto Fermani "1386", $595.00

Steve Madden "Smokin", $289.95 **favorite in this category**


I'm guessing you can wear these as ankle boots, too. I've seen 'em! These are my favorite kind of tall boots. WHAT TO WEAR WITH THEM- Of course, these boots are more casual (usually) so wear your boyfriend-style or wide-legged jeans, chunky knit sweaters, tracksuits (when the boot is appropriate) and stuff like that.
Leather boot by Timberland, $200

Steve Madden "Cozyy" (shown in Rose Suede) Available in 13 colors, $149.95 **I love these**

Steve Madden "Riding" (shown in brown) available in 2 colors, $140.00 **I love these, too**

Me Too "Overton", $179.00


Flats are absolutely everywhere. You can find them in all types, too. They fit lots of trends and can be dressed up or down. I have a few pairs and love them. WHAT TO WEAR WITH THEM- Everything! Wear your capri's, your skirts, dresses, pants, jeans... DO NOT WEAR-wide legs!! Keep your jeans and pant legs straight because the wider the legs, the shorter flats will make you look.

Marc by Marc Jacobs satin banded flats, $325.00

Steve Madden "Alistaire" available in two colors, $49.95 (These also fit the PATENT trend)

Steve Madden "Footstep" (available in two colors), $89.95

Aerosoles "Quebec", $80.00 **LOVE these**

White Mountain "Grace"


The color grey is HOT this fall. Shirts, pants, skirts, pants, dresses, coats and shoes are grey. I am thrilled because I love grey. WHAT TO WEAR WITH THEM- Treat it as a neutral! It goes well with black, white, pink, blue, other shades of grey, red, green, etc...

Aerosoles "Vice Cube", $80.00

Old Navy suede keyhole flats (other colors available), $19.50

Old Navy cable-knit ballet flats (available in 5 colors), $19.50 **I'm DEFINITELY getting some of these! I own a pair of ON flats and I love them the best**

Steve Madden "Twist up", $89.95 **Aren't these awesome?**

Hush Puppies "Ballerine", $69.00


Animal prints have been big for a while. They still are but, snake is the big new trend for Fall. You can still wear your leopard, zebra, giraffe, etc... Just not all together! Good grief. WHAT TO WEAR WITH THEM- solids. Only do one animal print at a time.

Steve Madden "Exudus", $59.95

"Unlisted" by Kenneth Cole Super Style, $50.00
Cynthia Vincent "Bliss", $305.00
Charles David "Peruse", $250.00 **OMG!! These are awesome**
Guess "Carrie" $90.00 (this shoe is available in other awesome prints/colors) **This shoe is pretty kickin' too. These two are two of my favs on the list.**

Steve Madden "Luela" in blue (available in 3 colors), $79.95 **VERY cool**

So, patent leather, yeah. Shiny. I have to admit that I've not always been a fan of patent leather on anyone who was over 4 or not a stripper but, it's growing on me and now they are a must have.

Steven by Steve Madden "Lemore" in fuchsia patent (other colors available), $99.95
Poetic Licence "Prissy", $90.00 in grey patent (This also follows the GREY trend)
Bernardo "Brad" in leopard dusty, $130.00
Nne West "Giove" in cobalt, $79.00

AK Anne Klien "Willa" in bronze, $79.00

Menswear is also big in both clothes and shoes. It's in the patterns- herringbone, plaid, oxford, etc... In clothing, it's in the tailoring and such. WHAT TO WEAR WITH THEM- skirts, knee-length dresses, stovepipe pants

Steven by Steve Madden "Gilee" plaid mary jane pump in grey (GREY trend), $59.99

Steven by Steve Madden "Meeting" in burgundy, $129.95

Steven by Steve Madden "Chap" in Cream Patent (available in nine colors). This follows the PATENT trend and I think there is a GREY pair., $149.95

Old Navy canvas plaid (3 colors available), $9.49 **I'd rush out and get some or get on the 'net and buy some 'cause these are gonna sell out soon!!**

Old Navy plaid flannel ballet flats, $19.50

Poetic Licence "Tease", $110.00

BCBG Max Azria "Cora" $210.00

Charles by Charles David "Demi", $125.00 **I think these are so beautiful**

Claudia Ciuti "Luella", $325.00


These mix a few of the above trends. And I'm done! Now, of course, I'm dying to know which ones you love, hate, gotta have, whatever. It's 5:32 pm. I started this at 8:30 am. Y'all better read this! Remember to ask your questions here. Where to buy the shoes or if you're confused about what to wear with what.

BCBGirls Elaine $110, this is fits with the GREY, THE CAP-TOE HEEL, & THE MENSWEAR (kinda)

Steve Madden DERELICT $109.95 (shown in grey patent) available in 3 colors, this is GREY, PATENT, & ANKLE BOOT.

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