Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmy Yummys

**Here is my original Emmy nom post. It's been updated with winners.

This is just some rambling...
Oh My! Hugh Laurie looks so beautiful. He is so sexy huh, Andie? At the very beginning of the show when Ryan showed all the different casts? (cannot find a pic of Hugh at the Emmys)

Katherine Heigl looked beautiful and gave a great speech. I LOVE how she corrected the announcer for saying her name wrong. I so would've done the same.

I was so glad that Jaime Pressly won. Her character, Joy, is hilarious! Her speech was sweet and she cried. That made me cry, too.

My girl Debra Messing, look at her dress (Ralph Lauren). I love it...

America Ferrera!! How fantastic... The speech was so heartfelt and inspiring.

Then, oooooh, Jimmy Smits (Cain) and the gorgeous Kate Walsh (Private Practice) who are dressed so well present the Emmy to James Spader.

So many of the Emmy awards were shockers to me. SHOCKERS!!

**Some Misc**

McSteamy couple- Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart

I could go on for days about how unattractive and untalented i think she is. What is this hair & dress??

Here is Jenna Fischer wearing a couch or something. She just split up with her husband so maybe she's in an alcohol/medication induced haze...

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