Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Celeb News- What's Goin' On UPDATE- Charlotte Church's baby's name

I'm feeling MUCH better this morning so, let's get cranking on the celebrity scoop! I've got some stuff to tell y'all so get your beverage of choice and and opinions and let's do it.
Salma Hayek had a baby girl named VALENTINA PALOMA PINAULT. The only details released by the actresses publicist are, "Mother and daughter are doing well." Salma, 41, entered the hospital on Thursday. Salma's fiance is Francois Henri Pinault, the 45-year old CEO of luxury goods firm PPR (owner of GUCCI and YVES ST. LAURENT). He has two children from a previous marriage- son, Francois,9 and daughter, Mathilde, 5 1/2.
I can't wait to see this baby! (UPDATE- "Pinault is pronounced PEE-NO")

Production on the Sex and the City movie began on Wednesday the 19th. These pictures were taken on the streets of New York.
So many people are saying what they hope/want to happen in the movie so, what do you hope for each character?

Britney Spears has had a rough week. She has had a rough year! On Tuesday, court documents were released saying that the Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled that Spears must submit to random twice-weekly alcohol and drug testing. She and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, who is suing her for full custody of their two children, Sean Preston,2 and Jayden James,1, may not consume alcohol or drugs 12 hours prior to being with the children. They were both ordered to enroll in and complete a program called "Parenting Without Conflict." Brit alone must meet with a parenting coach twice a week who will observe her with her children.
After all of this happened on Monday or Tuesday, Brit was seen out partying and drinking heavily in Los Angeles Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. *Sigh*
Then, yesterday, the L.A. City Attorney charged her with a misdemeanor hit-and-run causing property damage and driving without a valid license. The charges stem from a fender bender in a store parking lot August 6. She was captured on video by celeb photo agency x17. If convicted of both charges, she faces up to a year in jail.

This pic is of Brit leaving a friends house late yesterday.
Here is Donald Trump and his youngest child, 18-month old, Barron William. This photo was taken at the U.S. Open last Sunday. I just thought that Barron looked so so cute!! I love curly headed kiddies. Probably because both Luke and I have curly hair.

21-year old Charlotte Church, the Voice of an Angel singer gave birth to a baby girl. her spokesperson said, "A baby girl was born sometimes Thursday evening or possibly Friday morning. Midwives were present at the home birth." Charlotte makes her home in England with boyfriend (doesn't ANYBODY marry and then have a baby anymore??) Gavin Henson, a Rugby player. I read a few weeks ago that she wanted to name her daughter AVA and then some other English star named her daughter that. No name was given. UPDATE- THE BABY GIRL'S NAME IS RUBY MEGAN

George Clooney and new girlfriend, Sarah Larson were treated in a New Jersey hospital after the motorcycle they were riding was hit by a car. GEORGE was treated for a hairline fracture of a rib and road rash and SARAH with broken foot. They received medical treatment and were then released.

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