Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wouldn't Cross My Mind

A friend of mine and I were talking the other night about husbands, ours and her sister's in particular. Her older sis is a gal I love. She's a fabulous mom of three gorgeous girls, has a full time job, and has a HUSBAND. She hasn't had the best of weeks. She's been sick, her oldest has been sick, her boss and co-workers have been jackasses, blah, blah, blah... On Monday Sister made a big huge pot 'o spaghetti, coulda fed an army. She had a bad day that day and Husband was working that night. When Sister got home, all hacking cough, sick, hungry kids she goes to the fridge knowing they have leftover 'sghetti to eat and feed the troops.
WRONG! Husband, feeling too lazy to just make his individual plate, took THE WHOLE POT with him. Now, Friend and I were saying (like Sister was saying) how completely selfish! Did he not realize that his wife and children were going to eat that, too. NO, they just don't think like we do. SO, as usual, this got Friend and me rantin' and ravin' about our husbands.
Now, maybe y'all are reading this and thinking, "Well, gee, Shoeaddict, Bob/Billy/Joe/Ricky/Cletus(HA HA- little shout out) never acts like that!" Well, good for you. Please leave a detailed comment about how you do it.
I know that Luke loves me. Just as I know Friend's Husband and Sister's Husband love them and their families. They just don't think like we do, I guess. For example, I was sick and Luke decided to do some laundry. OK, thanks, babe!! I later go into the bathroom where the dirty clothes live. I close the door because I need privacy (I'm in the bathroom, hello!). I then notice that, yes, he has taken clothes from the dirty clothes pile... HIS CLOTHES. Only his clothes. We do not separate our dirty clothes (not our "whites"- tees, panties, etc...) so he had to pick out his clothes from mine. I would never do that. NEVER. EVER. It wouldn't cross my mind to do laundry and NOT DO HIS!!!
Here's another one: I don't eat steak. We have been together for 8 years and never in all those years have I ever eaten steak. I stopped eating steak when I was about 16. Luke and i met at 18. Now, my parents eat steak all the time. My father is a legend in his steak cooking. Luke's family loves steak. They cook and eat it all the time. Graham, the youngest brother, doesn't eat steak either. In both households, when steak is being cooked, chicken is always grilled for me at both places. I don't demand it- I can eat side dishes. Anyway, Luke brought home two bloody steaks and put them in the fridge. Gross and what am I going to eat?
Now, let me make sure that EVERYONE knows that I do cook for the boy and I do his laundry. I clean up after him, I buy his toiletries, his clothes, I BABY him. Sometimes, he likes to grill. That's what I'm talking about. But, I'm also saying that I would never go to the store for the sole purpose of buying tonight's dinner and buy say- salad or crawfish stuff. He wouldn't eat that. If I buy things like that I am sure to buy stuff he likes. It wouldn't cross my mind to go to the store and not buy him something.
The whole point is this- I'd never ONLY do my dishes, my laundry, buy food for me, cook something for myself. When I pop into a convenience store, if I see his fav candy bar, I buy it for him.
Know what I mean or am I making no sense?

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