Monday, August 27, 2007

Question of the Day- How it's Gonna Go

I'm gonna ask a question everyday (it'll be titled "Shoeaddict Asks") and you answer. Yes, you CAN (for now) be anonymous. If you want to be anonymous to the public but, allow me to know who you are, put your email address in the space for it. Only I can see that. I will answer the question either right away or later on in the day. For fun, and to see how well I'm putting myself out there, if I don't answer, you give your answer and then what you think my answer will be.

So, the question will be asked. I'll ask you to also answer what you think my answer is and you give me the answer(s).

If you have an idea for the Question, EMAIL ME

Be as honest as you want while being as respectful as possible of other people, please. But, honesty is the most important thing. I wanna know the truth!

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