Friday, August 3, 2007

Nail It Down

Honey, I believe in pretty hands. My mom has gorgeous hands. She has beautiful feet. Her natural nails are so pretty and strong. Me, not so much. I have narrow nail beds and weak brittle nails.

I was a nail biter and bit my cuticles when I was younger. I always had ugly, bloody, painful hands. As I got older, my mom would allow me to get manicures if I'd allow my nails to grow so, I'd try. I loved having my nails done. I loved having pretty hands and nails. I still do.

I know how to give a kickin manicure. I'm fanatic about giving myself manicures all the time. My toenails are ALWAYS painted. All. The. Time. But, I've still got the weak, brittle hard to grow fingernails. Until I discovered NAILTIQUES. The Nailtiques- Protein Formula 2 Treatment for soft, peeling, weak, bitten or thin nails. I got it about 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it. It is very easy and it works! My nails are so long and very strong.

You just put one coat on your nails every 24 hours. Then, every 3-4 days you take it off. Use it alone, no polish, for the first few days, then as a base coat with color. I did a week with no color and then I had color for a little while and now no color. But, every day, I faithfully put the protein on my nails.

I have cuticle oil and I use it liberally. Put it on after the Nailtiques. Then I push my cuticles back (I have a great mani set) and put a thick hand cream by Bliss. I also have the little gloves to sleep with my hand cream when my nails or hands are really bad. Those are great. Highly recommended.

My favorite nail polish is OPI. I just bought 4 new colors, one of them being a "Classic" called Cajun Shrimp. I don't think the picture really looks like the actual polish. It's kinda orange-y/reddish and I'm really digging orange. When I told Luke that it was called "Cajun Shrimp", he said, "It looks like crawfish." He's right.

My very favorite OPI color is I'm Not Really A Waitress. Once again, this picture doesn't really do it justice. It's red with a bit of a shimmer. Not exactly glitter but, shimmer. It's so awesome!

I like to buy all my nail stuffs at Beautysak. It's a great site. They have nail care, hair care and cosmetics. You can get free ground shipping on orders for $75 or more. They also send you THE BEST free samples. These amazing emery boards and travel sizes of great products. You'll really love it!! Go on over and look around.

*Ask the Answer Queen any questions you may have about manicures/pedicures, nail colors, Beautysak or Sephora.*

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