Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Book Review-2 (and then I kinda ramble, sorry)

"Picture Perfect" is by the amazing author, Jodi Picoult. Her books are not light, easy reads but, meaningful and thought provoking. I've read about teen suicide in "The Pact", child abduction in "Vanishing Acts", teen pregnancy and baby killing on an Amish farm in "Plain Truth", child molestation in "Perfect Match" and a daughter who wants to be medically emancipated from her parents in "My Sister's Keeper".

In "Picture Perfect", Cassie Barrett, an anthropologist, meets super movie star, Alex Rivers, when she serves as his technical adviser on a movie set. After a whirlwind courtship, they marry quickly and quietly in the Serengeti. Picoult takes us through a marriage where people's past cannot be shaken off and the truth will come out somehow. It's also a story about people not feeling as they belong. Cassie, the simple scientist, doesn't feel comfortable in the glitzy Hollywood world. And Alex has trouble with shedding his past and feeling comfortable in his own skin or even knowing who he is.

One thing I love about Picoult is that she takes these topics that seem so black and white and shows you where there are shades of grey.

*There is sex and violence so I rate it an R.*
*I'm wondering if anyone read "The Pink Ghetto" from book review number 1
*Let me know if you plan to read this book or have read it or any other J.P. book.
*My next Picoult book is "Mercy"
*I began "Shoe Addicts Anonymous" last night and I. LOVE. IT. No, LOVE!!!! Let me give you a passage at the beginning that made my heart race because, let me tell you, I really do feel this way... sick, I know.

"... pushed the tissue aside, and the heady smell of leather filled her nostrils, sending a familiar tingle straight through her core. The feeling- this thrill-never got old, no matter how many times she went through the ritual.
She touched the tightly stitched leather and smiled. She couldn't help it. This wicked pleasure at its sensuous, tactile, hedonistic best. It made her skin prickle from head to toe.
She ran her fingertips along the smooth surface, skidding over the grace arch, like a cat stretching under the midday sun; she smiled at the sharp but satisfying prick of the spike. Yes. Yesss."
Let me tell y'all that I am there. That is ME. Especially the smell and the arch and spike part. Ohhh, love em. So, that's what I'm finished reading and what I'm reading now. What are y'all reading? "Twilight" or it's sequels?
And yay! Damages comes on tonight!!!! Sometimes that show makes me feel like an idiot (anyone else?) but, I'm sooooo still loving it. And Saving Grace. That show is fantastic. Holly Hunter's character is so multi-layered and the show is brilliantly written.
OK, if you're still reading, you're a champ! Sorry for the super long post.

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